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  • DAN HAY: Hey, guys.

  • This is Dan Hay.

  • I'm the executive producer on "Far Cry"

  • and the creative director on "Far Cry 5."

  • Today, we want to show you the world of "Far Cry 5."

  • And introduce you to a little town of Falls End,

  • which has been overrun by a fanatic cult.

  • In "Far Cry 5," we want to give you an entire for hire system,

  • guns for hire, fangs for fire, and friends for hire.

  • Meet Boomer and Grace.

  • Boomer is your dog, perfect to run out into the world

  • and, tag enemies.

  • And Grace--

  • GRACE ARMSTRONG: [SHH] we got piggies.

  • DAN HAY: --she's the quite sniper.

  • The cult at Eden's Gate has basically

  • taking over all of Falls End.

  • And you and your guns for hire have to take it back.

  • GRACE ARMSTRONG: Where do you want me?

  • DAN HAY: We're going to send grace or sharpshooter

  • to the water tower to get ourselves a recovery part.

  • GRACE ARMSTRONG: Water tower got it.

  • DAN HAY: You see here, the last remnants of the resistance that tried

  • to fight the cult.

  • GRACE ARMSTRONG: I'm in position.

  • DAN HAY: Out there in the bushes is Boomer.

  • He's ready to go.

  • And up above, Nick.

  • Perfect death from above.

  • Now, it's time to call in Grace to do what she does.

  • GRACE ARMSTRONG: Boom, boom, motherfuckers.

  • Behind you.

  • Gonna need more help.

  • NICK RYE: Looks like you could use some help.

  • Target a-fucking quired.

  • Boo-yah.

DAN HAY: Hey, guys.

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