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DAN HAY: Hey, guys.
This is Dan Hay.
I'm the executive producer on "Far Cry"
and the creative director on "Far Cry 5."
Today, we want to show you the world of "Far Cry 5."
And introduce you to a little town of Falls End,
which has been overrun by a fanatic cult.
In "Far Cry 5," we want to give you an entire for hire system,
guns for hire, fangs for fire, and friends for hire.
Meet Boomer and Grace.
Boomer is your dog, perfect to run out into the world
and, tag enemies.
And Grace--
GRACE ARMSTRONG: [SHH] we got piggies.
DAN HAY: --she's the quite sniper.
The cult at Eden's Gate has basically
taking over all of Falls End.
And you and your guns for hire have to take it back.
GRACE ARMSTRONG: Where do you want me?
DAN HAY: We're going to send grace or sharpshooter
to the water tower to get ourselves a recovery part.
GRACE ARMSTRONG: Water tower got it.
DAN HAY: You see here, the last remnants of the resistance that tried
to fight the cult.
GRACE ARMSTRONG: I'm in position.
DAN HAY: Out there in the bushes is Boomer.
He's ready to go.
And up above, Nick.
Perfect death from above.
Now, it's time to call in Grace to do what she does.
GRACE ARMSTRONG: Boom, boom, motherfuckers.
Behind you.
Gonna need more help.
NICK RYE: Looks like you could use some help.
Target a-fucking quired.
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Far Cry 5: E3 2017 Official Gameplay | Ubisoft [US]

237 Folder Collection
張仕昌 published on July 16, 2017
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