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Hi Chris, hi Matt!
It’s a pleasure!
How are you guys doing?
We’re doing great, super happy to be here.
Wonderful, are you ready to talk some StarCraft?
For sure.
What has the StarCraft II team been up to lately?
Quite a lot, the team's been hard at work
releasing a ton of content over the last 10 months.
They started out with new missions for players with Nova Covert Ops,
moved on to a full ladder revamp and across the whole year
they released a bunch of content around Co-op missions.
Co-op missions, definitely something I’m enjoying a lot.
Like the Mutators they give it so much replayability.
Absolutely the team has really done a great job with that.
Mutators & Masteries have revamped the way people play the game.
We have players break up into different types of play,
of course they play on the ladder,
but they've been playing a ton of Co-op missions
and we have this whole segment of players that play in that now.
Masteries brought it around when we added things,
that when players cap at level 15 they can move into and onto
with their Masteries and that's made a big difference.
The team has done an absolutely
great job of continuing to create content for players.
I couldn't agree more.
Now what are we having coming up for gamescom this year?
We're introducing a new commander at gamescom this year.
A new Protoss commander, Alarak, he’s the Tal'darim highlord.
Let our enemies come, I will enjoy crushing them into dust!
One of my favorite characters from Legacy of the Void.
He's very unique.
What's really different about this commander is
he's playable on the battlefield, not only like Kerrigan or Zagara
but he has the top abilities so this makes him very lethal.
You can expect he has all the Tal'darim units,
all the things you saw in the campaign.
The other thing that’s really unique about him,
he's a bit of a selfish character, he likes to get into the battle.
He's got a jump in charge ability, he has a
destruction wave that flings units in the air,
but he can get into a little bit trouble
he's not like the other heroes on the battlefield.
He's a little bit vulnerable, he needs an Army to support him.
There's a new unit specific to this commander called the supplicant
and the whole job of the supplicant is
to sacrifice himself so that Alarak survives.
Whenever Alarak takes a lot of damage he’ll survive
and the supplicant will sacrifice himself for him.
We’re really excited to have everybody playing him at gamescom.
We also have a new mission coming out, called missed opportunities.
If you remember from Legacy of the Void there was the “Welcome to the Jungle”,
were you were going out to get the Terrazine gas.
This time though we have a new character who needs some help.
He's someone that you saw with Raynor’s Raiders.
We're bringing back this whole character but he's been a little isolated.
He sounds a bit different, he’s been too close to the Terrazine gas.
But you're here to help him get his harvest spots out there.
I can't wait for people play that and we also have collections coming up.
We've had a lot of players tell us how they want vanity items,
like skins and voice packs.
So we really wanted to create an upfront center spot
where players can go and browse and take a look at the stuff.
We do a little change to the UI, because we’re going to get this button up there.
The goal is giving a place for players to see these new items,
to see what they have, see what they could possibly want
and make it really clean and easy for them to insert it
and play a multiplayer and see these skins these voices.
There’s a lot of new content coming our way
and people can play Alarak at gamescom.
All that content is coming really quickly too, so in the
next couple months that will be released to players.
We have a lot to look forward to!
Thank you so much for having a chat with me
and I want to know, do I get to see you guys at gamescom?
For sure. We'll be there! This is actually my first time.
Is it really?
Yes, super excited to be there, I've heard many great things about it
and i'll get to experience it first time this year.
How about you? Have you been at gamescom?
I have been in Germany but never at gamescom,
so I am excited to come back and to go to gamescom for the first time.
You guys are in for a treat, so are we with all the content coming our way.
Thank you so much guys!
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Blizzard at gamescom 2016 – Preview | StarCraft II

227 Folder Collection
張仕昌 published on July 15, 2017
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