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  • So I came across this idea the other day,

  • I think it was Aristotle who put it out there,

  • but it was this notion that human beings

  • don't care about spectacle.

  • What they care about is ecstatic understanding.

  • Understanding, comprehension.

  • In other words, cognitive ecstasy

  • defined as an exhilarating neuro storm

  • of intense intellectual pleasure.

  • The book "The Ravenous Brain" talks about this idea,

  • that consciousness is obsessed with pattern.

  • Pattern is structure, structure amidst

  • the chaos, a signal in the noise.

  • And when we find patterns, when we connect the dots,

  • we experience this cognitive ecstasy, this exhilarating

  • neuro storm.

  • And we get children, they're young,

  • they're learning all the time, they're

  • creating new synaptic connections.

  • They experience this cognitive ecstasy, this curiosity.

  • This insatiable drive to understand is on fire,

  • is fervor, is [? feral ?] in little kids.

  • Imagine the first time you look at a microscope.

  • You see that cosmos-- revealed for the first time--

  • of the microscopic.

  • When you look through a telescope,

  • and you all of a sudden see the cosmos of the macroscopic.

  • Perhaps the best line was Ross Anderson's description

  • of the ontological awakening provided by the Hubble Space

  • telescope's images of the deep field.

  • He said, "Through the sheer aesthetic force

  • of its discoveries, the Hubble distilled

  • the complex abstractions of astrophysics

  • into singular expressions of color and light,"

  • vindicating Keats' famous couplet,

  • "Beauty is truth, truth beauty."

  • The sad part, as Sir Kenneth Robinson says,

  • is that we lose this as we grow up.

  • Our educational institutions are failing us,

  • they're not providing the context for this curiosity

  • to explode, to continue to emerge indefinitely.

  • Instead we slowly die.

  • And I think our goal is to create media,

  • to create content, to create spaces

  • that allow us to stay curious, to stay alive,

  • to awaken the wonder junkie in all of us,

  • to unleash the brave, reckless gods within us all.

  • That is my goal.

  • That is why we make [? Shots of All ?], that

  • is why I love the TED conference, that

  • is why we're here, that is what we live for.

  • Ahhhhh.

  • Moves me every day.

So I came across this idea the other day,

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The Ecstasy of Curiosity

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    Gin posted on 2017/07/08
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