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  • Don’t know how an app that sends disappearing pictures actually makes money?

  • Youre not alone.

  • The first thing to know, Snapchat isn’t just about sending selfies anymore.

  • Now theyre pitching themselves to investors as a camera company,

  • and unlike Facebook and Twitter,

  • Snap isn’t just about ads and a native feed.

  • In fact, core to their concept is creating content

  • And that's what its five revenue generators are all about:

  • Lenses, Geofilters, Snap stories, Discover and Spectacles.

  • First up, Lenses

  • Open up the app, and BOOM!

  • Youre straight into the camera

  • Brands can then pay up for filters

  • that you can overlay onto your photos or videos

  • and then send them to a friend or to a group.

  • Geofilters do something similar,

  • overlaying thewhereandwhenthat businesses or people can pay to include in an app.

  • Now I can also send my Snaps to my Snap Story,

  • a feed that friends can see before a Snap disappears after 24 hours,

  • which brings us to our third revenue generator:

  • Our Story.” It’s basically a group feed that Snap goes through

  • and grabs publically posted Snaps and puts it into one video feed.

  • Youve seen this around events like the Women’s March or Trump's inauguration.

  • And everyday people aren’t the only ones uploading to Snapchat.

  • EnterDiscover.”

  • Starting in 2015,

  • brands including People, BuzzFeed, ESPN started uploading mobile magazines that

  • create stories in more millennial-friendly versions

  • with ads slotted in between, of course.

  • And you can’t forget theSpectacles.”

  • You can grab these suckers for 130 bucks

  • at the pop-up vending machines that Snap has put around major cities.

  • You take ten second videos with them

  • like I did on the mountain last weekend,

  • and then it goes straight to your Snapchat app

  • as soon as you connect to wifi.

  • And let’s just mention for a second

  • that advertisers for a while have been pretty weary about using Snapchat

  • because they are so insistent on vertical video ads

  • when advertisers are much more used to the horizontal shape of TV,

  • but theyre warming up to it.

  • Has it worked?

  • Well, the true test will come in the years after Snap goes public

  • because their revenue model is still only a couple of years old.

Don’t know how an app that sends disappearing pictures actually makes money?

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