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Hi,this is Ray.
Today I'll be teaching 10 English phrases about ordering in a restaurant.
Welcome back to 10 English Phrases series.
Today it's extremely useful.
It's about ordering in a restaurant.
Have you ever been in a situation that you don't know how to order,have the check and ask for to go in English?
Let's go straight to today's 10 English Phrases.
Remember to turn on the Chinese subtitle.
Besides the 10 Phrases
The conversation is also worth learning
Turn on the Chinese subtitle so you can see all the translation
Welcome to DuDu Dining. Do you have a reservation?
No. Do you have a table for 1?
Yes of course, right this way.
Is this table ok?
Yeah, it's good. Can I have the menu?
Of course. Here you go. I'll be back when you're ready to order.
Hi, excuse me.
Excuse me?
Hey, I'm ready to order.
Um...I'm thinking if I should get...Just a sec...
Um...I'm thinking if I should get...Just a sec...
Just a sec
Should I come back when you're ready?
No, no. I'm ready to order.
Can I get a glass of water first?
I'm having a hard time. What do you recommend?
Oh, we have a Monday night special combo meal.
It's basically a turkey sandwich with salad on the side plus a smoothie.
Annnnd it's 3000 dollars.
What about our grand slam sandwich? It's so popular right now.
Not really.
Can I interest you in the apple granola sandwich? It's certified organic.
No, thanks.
So, what's it gonna be?
Yeah maybe give me that glass of water first?
Hi, are you all set? Ready to order?
Yeah, I'll have the tomato sandwich.
Tomato sandwich, okay.
What kind of dressing would you like?
I'll go with the honey mustard dressing.
Anything else you would like to order?
Just the sandwich I think
Appetizers, drinks, desserts?
Nope, that's all thank you.
Excuse me, I've been waiting for quite a while.
I was wondering If my order is ready?
Let me check that for you. Tomato sandwich is it?
Right. I ordered it 5 minutes ago.
I think it's gonna take more than 5 minutes.
Oh, okay.
Sorry I'm running a little late. Can I get this to go?
Sure, do you need a to-go box?
Um, just gimme a paper bag.
No problem. I'll wrap that up for you.
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10 English Phrases: Ordering in Restaurants

51280 Folder Collection
wiwi published on July 6, 2017
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