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Hello, it's Ray!
Today I'll teach you
10 English phrases you can use while shopping!
Welcome back to 10 English phrases series
Today's topic is sooo useful
and it's also the topic most people want to see
But there're too many things related to shopping
so today I'll focus on
English phrases we can use when we're buying clothes
Crown forced me to do this
I also want to to introduce phrases about electronic products or video games
As a reminder, remember to turn on the Chinese captions!
It's down here for computers, and up there for cellphones
Turn it on and then you can see
the Chinese translation of all the English conversations
Hey check this out. I think you might like it
Hmm, it's not bad!
It'll come in handy now that the weather is getting colder
Wait, umm... it's a little pricey
I dunno about you
Lemme see
What the rayduenglish! It's 3000 dollars!
I still can't believe this costs 3000 dollars
It's a rip-off!
Oh look! It's back-to-school season! There's a discount
How much is the discount?
It's... 10% off
Now I just have to pay 2700 dollars for it
Stop whining
I'll look around for a cheaper one
Can I help you find something?
Oh, I'm good, thanks
If you're looking for a jacket for the winter
this is our most popular item
What about this scarf right here?
The color looks great on you
Can... can I just...
I know just the thing for you
this pair of lovely pink gloves
I don't need any help. I'm just browsing, thanks!
Excuse me, can I try this on?
Of course! Oh but wait
I think a size L is too large for you
Nah, I think it'll fit
You know what else will fit?
This pair of lovely pink gloves
Oh my god
Ok so, where's the fitting room?
It's right down this aisle, take two left turns
walk to the end, then turn right
Ok, got it, thanks
(I'll be watching you~)
Hey where've you been?
Hey, I just ran into this weird clerk
She keeps wanting me to buy her stupid pink gloves
I bought this just now for just 300 dollars!
What a steal! I gotta get myself one too
Sorry, do you have this in stock?
Uh, let me check that for you
Nope, sorry!
That's our last one
Dang. Just my luck
You know what we do have in stock?
Don't you dare
This pair of lovely pink gloves
Oh my god
Do you take credit cards?
I'm afraid we take cash only
Ok then
That'll be 1500 dollars
By the way I'm so happy
you decided to go with the pink gloves
Yeah yeah, whatever
Excuse me, can I ask for a refund?
What seems to be the problem?
These gloves, they're too small. They don't fit
Oh, I'm sorry
we have a special no-refund policy for our gloves
Just for the gloves?
That's nonsense
Deal with it
I would like to speak to the manager
Ok, sure
I am the manager
You've got to be kidding me
Alright! These are 10 English phrases you can use while buying clothes
but of course, there're not only these 10 phrases for shopping
Hope this video is just the beginning~
and hope you guys won't run into weird clerks
If you like this 10 English phrases series
you can click here to check out our playlist
There're many other topics
So what topic do you want to see in the next episode?
Please leave your comments down below
The next topic might be what you want to see!
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We have new videos up every Monday and Thursday at 9 PM sharp
I also have a Facebook and Instagram account
You can find me by typing in 阿滴英文 or Ray du English
And that’s a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always
and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya!
Excuse me, can I ask for a refund?
May I ask what seems to be...
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10 English Phrases: Shopping for Clothes

16077 Folder Collection
wiwi published on July 6, 2017
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