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  • Noel, do you like nursery?

  • Yeah.

  • What did you do at nursery?

  • Play with my friends.

  • You played with your friends.

  • What did you play?

  • Dinosaur games.

  • Dinosaur games! How did you play the dinosaur game?

  • You like, knock a volcano over.

  • Volcano?

  • Un-huh, like, knock it over!

  • And what dinosaur are you?

  • A T-Rex.

  • A T-Rex, and did you play anything else?

  • Yeah, ghostbusters.

  • How did you play ghostbusters?

  • You go after all the ghost.

  • Do you? And did you catch them?

  • Yeah, but we got to open my trap

  • and then we gotta shoot them.

  • Open your trap and shoot them.

  • Wow, that sounds like fun.

  • Did you learn anything at nursery?

  • We learned about transport...

  • Transport, anything else?

  • -Dragons. -Dragons!

  • And knights.

  • What did dragons do?

  • It has something in the mouth.

  • Oh, fire, is it?

  • -Yeah, fire. -Wow.

  • Wahhh!

  • And what else do you like about nursery?

  • The dinosaurs.

  • Did you play with the dinosaurs?

  • Yeah.

  • Is your teachers nice?

  • Yep.

  • Have a got any...have you got lots of friends?

  • Yeah.

  • Have you got any friends that are girls?

  • Mom, I don't have a girlfriend.

  • No, but you have friends that are girls.

  • (silence)

  • Or just boys?

  • Just boys.

  • So you don't have a girlfriend.

  • Unh-unh-unh

  • No!?

  • Well, we go get ready go nursery

  • and you can play dragons and then ghost busters.

  • Yeah.

  • OK, say bye.

  • Bye!

Noel, do you like nursery?

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I DO NOT have a girlfriend mum!!!

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