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Noel, do you like nursery?
What did you do at nursery?
Play with my friends.
You played with your friends.
What did you play?
Dinosaur games.
Dinosaur games! How did you play the dinosaur game?
You like, knock a volcano over.
Un-huh, like, knock it over!
And what dinosaur are you?
A T-Rex.
A T-Rex, and did you play anything else?
Yeah, ghostbusters.
How did you play ghostbusters?
You got...you go after all the ghost.
Do you? And did you catch them?
Yeah, but we got to open my trap
and then we gotta shoot them.
Open your trap and shoot them.
Wow, that sounds like fun.
Did you learn anything at nursery?
We learned about transport...
Transport, anything else?
-Dragons. -Dragons!
And knights.
What did dragons do?
It has something in the mouth.
Oh, fire, is it?
-Yeah, fire. -Wow.
And what else do you like about nursery?
The dinosaurs.
Did you play with the dinosaurs?
Is your teachers nice?
Have a got any...have you got lots of friends?
Have you got any friends that are girls?
Mom, I don't have a girlfriend.
No, but you have friends that are girls.
Or just boys?
Just boys.
So you don't have a girlfriend.
Well, we go get ready go nursery
and you can play dragons and then ghost busters.
OK, say bye.
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I DO NOT have a girlfriend mum!!!

46116 Folder Collection
Jerry published on July 8, 2017    Jerry translated    Mii Wei reviewed
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