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Fable, a game made by Lionhead Studios (RIP) that stars... hero.
He doesn't have a name, he's just the hero.
Hero spends his time in the peaceful village of Oakvale living a contented life of beating
up children and animals, up until shit gets real.
Bandits invade the town, killing the Hero's entire family and destroying the village.
He decides to pull a total Batman and turn him self into a super badass, and to do this,
he heads off to the Hero's Guild.
The Hero's Guild is basically just murder school, since all they teach is how to more
effectively destroy your enemies, which is fuckin' rad.
To be more precise, the guild teaches the ways of strength, skill, and will.
Strength covers melee, making you more powerful with swords and increasing health.
Skill makes you better with bows and faster.
Will, let's you do a whole mess of different acts god, such as slowing down time, summoning
the dead, and shooting lightning!
Also, a cool staple of the Fable series is that developing your hero's attributes also
affects the appearance of your hero.
Developing skill makes you taller, developing will gives these goofy ass bright markings
on your body, and enough development in strength makes you an honorary member of the SWOLE
Upon reaching adulthood, the guild master throws you out on your ass and basically says,
“eh, just go do whatever.”
After doing said whatevers for a while, you eventually come face to face, er face to mask
anyway, with Jack of Blades, the man you find out is responsible for the destruction of
your village and you're all like, “Oh, it's on bro.”
After meeting your sister and mother who, surprise, turn out to be alive all of a fuckin
sudden, you are sent off to stop Jack from obtaining the sword of Aeons, which will allow
to him to take over the world, which I don't want because the world is MINE!
You give chase to Jack, and find him in a large chamber in the guild with your mother
held hostage.
Turns out he needs your family's blood to activate the sword, so he kills your mother,
like, for real this time.
And now, jack has the most powerful weapon know to man... fug.
It's ok, though, because I have the power of courage!
By which I mean, I have the power of “I shot the dude in the head like 20 times.”
After taking the sword off Jacks corpse, I'm given the choice of banishing the sword forever,
or killing my sister and keeping the sword for myself.
After realizing the thing's gaudy as hell, I'm like “nope” and toss the thing into
the void.
And now peace has returned to Albion...
Turns out that before you even have a cahnce to sit down, Jack is back!
So, in order to kill his ass again, I travel to a far off island and find I need the souls
of three heroes in order to open the gate guarding him.
The first soul I go after belongs to the hero Thunder.
I choose him because he's been a total prick to me this whole time.
He's always on with “Ughhh, you killed my sister.
I got 10 grand for killing her!
I'm trying to save the world dude! I need money.
Anyway, Thunder comes down with a sudden case of multiple stab wounds, so his soul is mine
for the taking.
Next, I need the souls of a heroine.
I choose Briar Rose because, I don't know, I don't like her face, I guess?
Again, I kill her and take her soul.
Then I need the soul of the ancient hero, Nostro.
Don't know why I need his soul, I just know I want to get to Jack.
After killing his corpse, I guess, I can finally open the gate.
All right Jack, you clown wanna-be son of a bitch, it's time to take you down for goo-
oh fuck, Jack is a dragon now.
When did this happen?!
Eh, whatever.
Guess it's time to rock the dragon, so I do.
I employ the ancient martial artist tactic of, “shoot arrows a lot” and bring Jack
I'm then given the choice of throwing Jack's mask into magma, banishing him forever, or
dawning the mask myself and aborning it's power.
Power is nice, but considering this dude killed my family and that I've been trying to kill
him for most of the game, I feel like honoring the dude's death is kind of counter productive.
So in the fire it goes.
And with this, Jack is finally gone.
Like, for real this time.
And with the wrold at peace, the hero is free to spend his days doing the things he loves
Those things being stealing things, kicking animals, beating civilians, and dancing in
public like a jack ass.
The End...
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Become Batman, But With ✧・゚MAGIC!・゚:* - Fable Anniversary In a Nutshell

136 Folder Collection
Nostro Pan published on July 4, 2017
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