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  • Alright guys, so you can see, today's a little bit of a different episode.

  • I'm actually here with a group of girls.

  • We have Rebecca, who actually reached out to us on Facebook, and she told me about her little sister dating this guy.

  • So they wanted to put him to the test.

  • Hi.

  • Hey.

  • Whatcha doing at the park?

  • Uh, I'm waiting to do basketball.

  • Oh basketball, so... you workout?

  • Yeah. I workout.

  • Yeah, I do cheerleading.

  • Awww! Cool!

  • I got this dress yesterday. You like it?

  • Oh yeah! It's awesome.

  • Thanks.

  • I have a shorter one, but my stupid mom wouldn't let me wear it.

  • Umm, how old are you?

  • I'm 13.

  • Oh. I'm 12.

  • You like younger girls?

  • Yeah yeah, I could go for a 12 year old.

  • Nice. So you probably have like, a bunch of girlfriends right?

  • No, I don't.

  • Oh really!

  • No, no, I'm single.

  • You know, I could be your girlfriend.

  • You could be my girlfriend?

  • Uh huh!

  • Oh cool!

  • Can I have your number?

  • Yeah sure!

  • Thanks!

  • Do you like romantic films?

  • Uh do you like romantic films?

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah! I love romantic films!

  • Oh great!

  • You know a great one's "The Notebook". We should see it one time.

  • Oh my gosh that's my favorite movie!

  • Oh my God, mine too!

  • Let's watch it.

  • Yeah!

  • Can I give you a hug?

  • Yeah sure.

  • See ya!

  • Are you okay?

  • Yeah mom, I'm so happy!

  • You consider that cheating then, I guess?

  • It's cheating!

  • -Okay, at that point it is, I guess. -Hey, We'll put you in a dress...

  • I don't want a dress!

  • I want to go home.

  • We should stop filming.

Alright guys, so you can see, today's a little bit of a different episode.

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Young Girl setups her 13 Year old Boyfriend to see if he'll cheat!

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    Colleen Jao posted on 2017/07/04
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