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Really cific what you do?
Come on them on there. Let's get you all that gone on to the star and give it your best shot. Good luck Ned
Is that you Dec?
Please sir tell us your name.Iam Ned. How old are you ned? I'm 8th
Where are you from? Maidstone
Who's here with you today? Well? I'm with my mom
My dad my step mom my sister. My other sister and my brother
Nice day. Do you perform for friends and family do you get up in school and do shows?? Yeah
Think it was probably about two years ago
I started and I practiced and my dad and mum was bananas and hair brushes microphone
My whole school knows that I am at Britain's got talent today, and when I told my friends they all went
My got crew I did yes Forever like my friends finds a million
The Stage is yours sir
Come on ned
Why are people so excited about that talking dog on Britain's got talent, Amanda Holden Spin on it for years?
It was really fun metting ant and Dec backstage, but I'm never quite sure which was supposed to be as funny one
Alisa laughing. Oh no, Alisa, not dancing
Reminds me a lot of my dad. Hee's a crush stresser
he gets especially cross when he can't find his sock I
Was really worried for David Walliams when he swam on the river thames for charity because of all that garbage?
Going in his mouth
But since I'm watching bgt. I'm relieved it's all coming out again
And I love the way you took the mickey out of us it was really quite savage
I knew after the minute we walked out and faced hilarious. Well, Done. I
Think the way you deliver those jokes you're timing was brilliant
Ned, you look sort of nicely sweet, but you're very cheeky, and that's why I like you live
I'd like to keep it off with a big fat. Yes
woff for me
Ned, im laughing you again. Yes for me
Come back, and destroy us all for good next time. Well done. You got four yeses
He's funny
Now that woke you all know for sure yes. We do is so sleepy. I know
You dry out that [floor] digit. It's
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Little Comedian Ned Woodman INSULTS ALL JUDGES | Ep 01 | Britain's Got Talent 2017

1834 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on July 3, 2017
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