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  • Hey guys , it's Wengie! And it's my favourite time of the week! Because I get to give you a cross eye hug!

  • And, in today's video,I'm going to share with you 10 things that you may be doing wrong in the bathroom!

  • Of course, this may not be "wrong" per say.

  • But, these are the most optimum ways to do it, and of course,

  • let me know down below how many of these 10 you guys are doing wrong for me?

  • I think I did about 8 wrong so I learnt a lot during this video.

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  • I really do appreciate every single thumbs up you guys give me. So yeah, without further ado, let's get on with the video. Let's go.

  • You imagine it's a hot day and you're getting ready to go out you've taken your shower, and then you put on some antiperspirant, right?

  • Wrong. Antiperspirant needs time to actually absorb into the skin and block the sweat pores, so

  • you don't sweat and this is actually best done the night before.

  • Because then you'll give it a little bit of time to do what it needs to do. And, some antiperspirants even

  • have this in the instructions on the bottle, so check yours to see if yours says this.

  • Okay, so I'm so guilty of this, but I always forget to change my toothbrush.

  • But, did you know your toothbrush actually has an expiry date?

  • Most dentists recommend a change every three months or so, because bacteria can build up and

  • the bristles degrade which can result in poor cleaning.

  • So, maybe it's time to check if your toothbrush is due for a replacement and if you are really forgetful like me.

  • Maybe you can pop a calendar reminder on your phone to remind you when to change your toothbrush.

  • Okay, so you know when you wake up late in the morning. Yeah, that's me.

  • I actually don't even have time to iron clothes sometimes even though they really need it.

  • But, don't worry this hack will help you multitask. Hang up your shirt in the bathroom while you shower,

  • and the steam will get rid of any major creases and wrinkles.

  • So, by the time you get out, your shirt is ready to go.

  • I love this, because it saves you time effort and keeps your clothes looking great.

  • I don't know about you, but I love having long and hot showers, especially when I put on music.

  • And, I really just get lost in singing and dancing in the shower.

  • Don't tell me you don't do this, because I'm sure you guys do as well.

  • But, did you know that this is actually not that great for you hot water and soap combine

  • to open up your pores and clean up the oils from your skin.

  • But, too much hot water will lead to dehydration.

  • And, eventually itchy and dry skin. The best thing to do is to have short hot showers.

  • And then, actually finish your shower with a cold rinse to close up your pores. Yes, it will feel extremely refreshing.

  • If you've gone a few days without washing or have a particularly itchy scalp,

  • you may become over enthusiastic with scrubbing your scalp during your shower.

  • Healthy hair begins at the scalp and being as gentle as possible when washing your roots is important.

  • Using your fingernail to scratch your scalp can cause flaking, bleeding and redness. And also, increases your chance of getting an infection.

  • Instead, just message your shampoo in gently with your fingertips. Rubbing yourself with a towel over and over after your shower

  • would be doing yourself some harm. The aggressive rubbing motion could actually remove all

  • the moisture you just gained from your shower and can additionally cause irritation.

  • After a shower, you should actually let your skin air dry for a few seconds.

  • And, then gently pat it dry with a fluffy towel or even better pop on a bathrobe.

  • Did you know if you're using q-tips to clean out your earwax, you're actually doing it wrong.

  • In fact, there is no right way to do this, you shouldn't be doing it at all.

  • Earwax is actually self cleaning and actually has protective and antibacterial functions, so

  • you definitely shouldn't be getting rid of it. Using a q-Tip is not only unnecessary, but potentially dangerous.

  • You can damage your eardrums or part of the tip could be dislodged in your ear which means a visit to the doctor.

  • Which way do you guys hang your toilet rolls? Are you an "over" or an "under" person

  • Or do you really not think about it too much and just hang it whichever way you feel like?

  • Well, apparently there's an official right way and wrong way to do it, and the right way (drum roll) ... is "over."

  • Apparently the person that actually patented the toilet roll said that "over" was the right way to do it.

  • The paper is more accessible this way and it's more aesthetically pleasing.

  • What do you guys think?

  • Do you guys rub on your moisturizer after you wash your face or shower? This rubbing action is actually

  • incorrect and can be traumatic to your delicate facial skin. And, sometimes if you're rubbing is too vigorous it can cause skin

  • irritation and redness. The right way to do it is to dab the product onto your face and then pat starting from your t-Zone working outwards.

  • You can also add some pressing motions as well to really work the product in.

  • Use the tip of your fingers to pat and spread it to places that need extra attention.

  • After a hot shower, the bathroom gets pretty steamy, if you know what I mean.

  • And, it's pretty much impossible to see yourself in the mirror without wiping it.

  • But, did you know that shaving foam actually prevents the glass from steaming up?

  • Just apply it to your glass or mirror with your hands, and then wipe it off with a dry towel and that's it.

  • You can see how are the areas being applied the shaving foam to is not steaming.

  • Like this just proves it actually worked and I was like literally mind blown.

  • I decided to draw a little heart as well, and just have a little bit of fun with it.

  • How many of these 10 did you guys know already let me know down below?

  • And, if you guys do any of these don't forget to hashtag wengiecorns and follow me on social media, because

  • I'm there during the week and let's have a look at what happened in reacticorns this week.

  • Who knows, some people actually never get better hair ready

  • even after they grow up. Stop it.

  • I know it's time for me to say bye. I'm going to miss you guys so much so until next week.

  • I'm going to be coming back with an amazing new video. Bye guys.

Hey guys , it's Wengie! And it's my favourite time of the week! Because I get to give you a cross eye hug!

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