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The Cambridge English Scale is the new and enhanced way we will be reporting results
for some of our exams from 2015.
It builds on the way we currently report results and is based on many years of research.
It will provide simpler, clearer and more detailed results.
What is the Cambridge English Scale?
The Cambridge English Scale is a range of scores used to report results
for Cambridge English exams.
You may be familiar with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
or CEFR.
It is the international standard for describing ability in languages
and is a broad reference scale of language proficiency.
The Cambridge English Scale is designed to complement the CEFR.
The difference is that the scale gives a more detailed result than the CEFR alone.
See how both of these candidates are at level B2
but their scores on the scale show that one has a higher level of English than the other.
Results for almost all Cambridge English exams
will be reported on the Cambridge English Scale,
starting with Cambridge English First including First for Schools,
Cambridge English Advanced and Cambridge English Proficiency.
IELTS is mapped to but will not be reported on the Cambridge English Scale.
Our exams are focused on different levels of the CEFR
and they are mapped to particular points on thescale.
No matter which exam is taken the same level of ability is represented by the same score.
So, a candidate who scores 185 taking Cambridge English First
would be expected to achieve 185 in Cambridge English Advanced.
This will make results easier to understand.
It will also be clear to see how a learner progresses through our exams.
How does it work?
Scores on the Cambridge English Scale
replace the standardised score and the candidate profile.
Candidates receive an overall score on the Cambridge English Scale
which determines the grade and CEFR level they obtain.
Candidates also receive scores for each language skill they are tested on
reading, writing, speaking and listening
and use of English.
Looking at the new statement of results
you can see what the candidate has achieved in each of the different skills
and how their performance in one skill compares to performance in another.
These detailed results make it simple to describe the level of language skills needed
for university admission or employment.
Candidates and teachers also benefit from having better information about performance
making it easier to identify areas for improvement.
Want to know more?
The Cambridge English Scale is based on our extensive research
and has been developed in response to feedback from users of our exams.
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Introduction to the Cambridge English Scale

505 Folder Collection
Sh, Gang (Aaron) published on July 3, 2017
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