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  • As a language learner or teacher

  • you may have heard of Common European Framework of Reference

  • or CEFR, but what is it

  • and why does it matter for English language learners?

  • It's actually pretty simple.

  • Different learners have different levels of language ability

  • but opinions about your English level can be subjective.

  • Your friends may think your English is good but an employer might think it

  • is not good enough

  • and you may be better at some skills than others, for example you may be able

  • to read better than you can speak.

  • We need a clear objective way to describe language skills that

  • everyone can agree on.

  • This is what the CEFR provides.

  • The CEFR breaks down language learning

  • into six levels which it calls A1 to C2.

  • The starting point A1 describes a very basic language level.

  • As a learner you can move up the levels until you reach Proficiency, C2 level.

  • This is a really advanced level.

  • By describing what you can do in reading

  • writing, speaking and listening the CEFR will tell you where you are on the

  • journey from beginner A1 through to Proficiency C2.

  • There are many Cambridge English exams available for different ages and stages

  • of learning

  • all matched to CEFR levels from young learners

  • through to university and the workplace or simply for travel.

  • The CEFR was developed by the Council of Europe

  • with extensive support from University of Cambridge ESOL examinations.

  • People from all over the world use the CEFR to explain what level

  • of English they are at

  • and what level of English they need.

  • It is used by learners, teachers, universities,

  • governments and employers.

  • The CEFR has been very influential

  • and not only in Europe.

  • It's been published in more than 35 languages

  • and descriptions of individual languages have also been developed.

  • Cambridge is a partner in the English Profile program

  • which provides very useful descriptions of English grammar and vocabulary

  • at each level of the CEFR.

  • Understanding your language level will help you to

  • achieve your goal

  • whether it's going on holiday abroad, studying at school or university

  • or getting a job and that's why the CEFR levels

  • are useful for everyone.

As a language learner or teacher

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