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As a language learner or teacher
you may have heard of Common European Framework of Reference
or CEFR, but what is it
and why does it matter for English language learners?
It's actually pretty simple.
Different learners have different levels of language ability
but opinions about your English level can be subjective.
Your friends may think your English is good but an employer might think it
is not good enough
and you may be better at some skills than others, for example you may be able
to read better than you can speak.
We need a clear objective way to describe language skills that
everyone can agree on.
This is what the CEFR provides.
The CEFR breaks down language learning
into six levels which it calls A1 to C2.
The starting point A1 describes a very basic language level.
As a learner you can move up the levels until you reach Proficiency, C2 level.
This is a really advanced level.
By describing what you can do in reading
writing, speaking and listening the CEFR will tell you where you are on the
journey from beginner A1 through to Proficiency C2.
There are many Cambridge English exams available for different ages and stages
of learning
all matched to CEFR levels from young learners
through to university and the workplace or simply for travel.
The CEFR was developed by the Council of Europe
with extensive support from University of Cambridge ESOL examinations.
People from all over the world use the CEFR to explain what level
of English they are at
and what level of English they need.
It is used by learners, teachers, universities,
governments and employers.
The CEFR has been very influential
and not only in Europe.
It's been published in more than 35 languages
and descriptions of individual languages have also been developed.
Cambridge is a partner in the English Profile program
which provides very useful descriptions of English grammar and vocabulary
at each level of the CEFR.
Understanding your language level will help you to
achieve your goal
whether it's going on holiday abroad, studying at school or university
or getting a job and that's why the CEFR levels
are useful for everyone.
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What is the CEFR?

730 Folder Collection
Sh, Gang (Aaron) published on July 3, 2017
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