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Hi guys
Let's go on a journey together
to Prague
We've bid farewell to Jenny last night
and now we're on the train to Prague
Where were we just then?
A: *laughs* Where were we just then?
It's really early in the morning
and we're both still quite sleepy - still waking up.
But um...
we picked pretty good seats because, look, next to us there's nobody!
A: WHAT!!! W: There's nobody, we got the whole car to ourselves...
...for now. I don't know if anyone's gonna join us later on...
hopefully not.
Because this is pretty cool.
Yesterday, we went to the supermarket
to get some water and food, just in case we don't have time to get breakfast
and look what we found...
A: Marble cake
W: it's cake!
W: *laughs: A: it's a whole chunk
W: *laughs* A whole block!
A: A whole block!
It tastes good...it's chocolatey
and according to the picture you're suppose to slice it.
But we got no knife,
so we're just gonna eat the whole thing.
Cause we can!
The train ride between Berlin and Prague
took roughly 4 and a half hours.
Apart from our long haul flight, which we originally took to get in to Europe.
This was, our longest travel time.
Once we arrived in Prague,
we checked in to our Airbnb apartment
which was located across the bridge from the Old Town Square.
Unfortunately, I forgot to do a room tour
but it was a really nice Airbnb apartment
and the host was so friendly.
Doesn't this place just look like something from a fairytale?
Oh, the contrast...
This was our first time in Prague,
but it was an easy city to walk around and explore.
We somehow came across a Folklore festival
and we saw some kids doing some folk dancing.
This river, was so beautiful, from every angle.
Walking through Prague,
is like walking through 8 centuries of history.
Unlike most European capital cities,
Prague was not rebuilt after World War II
as it was mostly left unscathed.
Prague is an architectural city of wonder.
As you wander throught the streets
you'll see so many different types of styles of buildings.
From the Gothic,
to the Baroque,
to...something as modern as this.
We were saying how this city looks like it's been painted.
Look at the sky, look at the buildings,
look at the river, the bridge.
It's like you're in a fairytale.
We're just walking around at night now. It's 8:30pm.
It's still quite bright out, but then
as you notice, there's a lot less tourists.
So, if you can, we do recommend that you do stay in Prague
It's really touristy during the day.
There's so many tour groups
A: and it's still busy now.
W: Yeh, there's still a bit of a vibe A: It's not like it's quiet.
A: People are eating now and they're probably back from wherever they went for their day trip.
Probably other side of the bridge.
So as you can see...man, this church!
It's just so magical!
It looks like it doesn't belong there.
It's like you're in a fairytale.
And the clock tower.
A: The place is buzzing...
A: Oh, we got 5 minutes, if you wanna wait.
W: Oh ok! Let's do that!
I think that's why all the people are gathered here.
A: Look at all these people gathered.
They're waiting for the clock tower to go.
It's actually 5 to 9 right now.
So they're all waiting for it.
My cousin happened to be in Prague at the same time as us.
So we met up for dinner.
This was actually quite a surprise
because we didn't know beforehand that they would be there.
ooooo....AGAIN! Here we go again.
A: But this is a special type
W: This is beer coated?
A: This is actually pork knee, but it's stewed in beer!
Which is not what we usually have.
W: So this is Czech style A: Yeh, it's Czech style.
This is goulash
A: YASSS! W: Yum!
If you are ever in Prague,
we highly recommend you eat here.
We were so satified by dinner.
But, there's always space for dessert.
It's like soft-serve vanilla ice cream inside a donut.
A: This tastes like an upgraded version of Macca's
W: and we got strawberries hidden inside.
A: It's like Macca's on roids. W: *laughs*
We had an amazing day exploring the Old Town of Prague
but we couldn't wait to see the castle the next day.
Thanks for watching guys.
Don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration
find me on Instagram and Facebook.
See you in the next video.
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EUROPE TRAVEL VLOG #14: Prague Part 1/2 - This Place is Like a Real Life FAIRYTALE!

389 Folder Collection
Winny Luong published on June 26, 2017
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