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  • What Do People Do to Get Good Luck?

  • Listen to the reading.

  • People all over the world want to know how to become lucky.

  • They use different ways to get good luck and to drive bad luck away.

  • In the United States, many people think a rabbit’s foot is a symbol of good luck.

  • So they often carry a man-made one with them in order to get good luck.

  • Also, when they don’t want to lose their good luck, they will sayKnock on woodand do that at the same time.

  • They believe the wood spirits will keep them safe.

  • In Taiwan, the number 4 and the word for death sound similar.

  • This is why some people don’t want to live on the fourth floor of an apartment building.

  • What’s more, most Taiwanese think it’s important to tidy up their houses before the Chinese New Year.

  • They believe they can keep bad luck away all year around by doing so.

  • Some people like to do these above things.

  • They make people feel safe.

  • However, does their good luck come from what they do?

  • Or does it come from what they believe in?

Page 58 Reading

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