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  • Hello, this is Stephanie from

  • Today well go through how much it costs to become a CPA in the US.

  • Overview of the CPA licensing process The US CPA licensing process is quite complicated

  • because each state is responsible for granting the license covering its jurisdiction.

  • Each of them has a State Board of Accountancy, and they may have slightly different exam

  • requirements and fees.

  • Most state boards outsource the administration of exam fees to NASBA, which is the national

  • association of the state boards.

  • Mandatory fees To register for the CPA exam, youll need

  • to pay the exam fee and registration fee.

  • This is the absolute minimum level of investment you need to make for the CPA designation.

  • First, exam fees The fee to take the Uniform CPA exam is the

  • same for all candidates.

  • There are 4 parts of the exam.

  • Before the new exam format in 2017, the two longer parts, that is, FAR and AUD,

  • cost 192 dollars each.

  • The shorter parts, that is, REG and BEC, cost 172 dollars each.

  • Since the new format kicks in, all exam sections are 4 hours long, and therefore they all cost

  • the same at $192 each.

  • The total exam fee for the 4 parts is around $770.

  • You can register each part individually or in one go.

  • Second, registration fee The registration fee is determined by the

  • state board, and it varies from 30 dollars to a couple hundreds of dollars.

  • There may be discounts if you register several parts at the same time.

  • As a general rule, you can expect to spend $1,000 on exam and registration.

  • Optional fees By optional, it means that you can take the

  • exam without getting these products and services.

  • However, most candidates take them to increase their chance of success.

  • First, CPA review course I actually consider this investment a must

  • to pass the exam, but you don’t need to get the most expensive option.

  • There are lots of choices in the market, from free practice questions to fully integrated

  • review courses costing more than $3,000.

  • I generally recommend something in between for the best value of money.

  • Please go to my CPA review course comparison page for details.

  • The link can also be found in the description below this video.

  • Second, travel and accommodation Depending how close you live from the exam

  • testing center, the traveling expense can vary from virtually nothing if you live in

  • the same city, to thousands of dollars if you have to travel to another country for this exam.

  • Third, CPA ethics exam fee Once you pass the exam, you may need to take

  • the CPA Ethics Exam.

  • It is a self-study, open-book test costing around $130, but is not required by all state boards.

  • Ongoing Fees First, licensing fee

  • After fulfilling the working experience requirements, you become a CPA and starts paying annual

  • licensing fees.

  • It varies by state, from around 30 dollars to a hundred of dollars.

  • Second, CPE courses Youll need to fulfill a certain number

  • of CPE hours to keep your license active.

  • It isn’t a large sum, but it has to done every year.

  • Extra Cost for International Candidates If you obtain education outside of the US,

  • you need to request a foreign credential evaluation report.

  • This report is meant to make your transcript US equivalent, so that the state board can

  • understand the courses you have taken, in order to determine whether you are eligible

  • for the exam.

  • Almost all states outsource this task to third-party evaluation agencies, and the report costs

  • 100 dollars to 300 dollars plus depending on the service and turnaround time.

  • For candidates living and working outside of the US, you need to travel to the US to

  • sit for the exam.

  • This cost must be included in your budget if it involves long distance travel

  • and hotel accommodation.

  • Here is a summary of CPA exam related expenses for your reference.

  • This video gives you a rough estimate on how much it costs to become a CPA,

  • so you can budget accordingly.

  • If you have questions on your own situation, or other general queries about the CPA exam,

  • feel free to drop a note in the comment section.

  • Thanks for watching and see you in the next video.

Hello, this is Stephanie from

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