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Hey how's it going bros, mah naaaaaame
It's Pe-Pewdiepie,
The name is Pewdiepie
Welcome back to another episode of Little Nightmares
Part *2*
Glad you could make it,
eheee ehhhh it's good to see you here again,
Let's uh... keep playing this game,
Last time I failed pretty epically(Is that even a word ?)
EPICALLY! *over-used soundboard*
Sorry, [okay], um there's this fucking asshole in here. Let's just say hello to him right away
Fuck, this thing was pretty creepy.
This fucking part legit turning down(No idea what he just said).
Ah fuck. fuck. shit. shit.
Okay, hey hey, how you doing buddy? *kisses* You're looking good. You are looking real nice!
Please don't find me
Man, last time it went more aggresive
Oh no, it's not scripted
Uh well, I suppose somewhat scripted
Let's just take it nice and easy
Alright, nice and easy now boys, nice and easy
Way to start an episode.
God damn
Are those babies sleeping on the bed?
No, what are you doing [climb] climb climb climb climb climb
There you go. We're safe.
High five, out of my hands
sooo, that was a headfive ?
It's same thing
Hey boxes, fuck you. fuck you boxes. Got him got him
It's really weird you gotta jump
and then hold down the mouse button it's kind of.....(inaudible)
nailed it
fuck that place man
ah jeez
This game is proper scary man.
I like it though, I like it. Do you like it ?
Leave a comment right now.(Nah)
telling me
What are you wearing?
That's right.
I know I know you're not wearing pants
Disgusting, put on some pants.
Oh shit, uhh it's giving me stomach ache
I'm hungry. Could that be it?
Like I got a lot of energy. An energy, got a lot of energy. Got~
Shit, I'm really starving is that the baumbach the Cafeteria. We call it. We call it bottling
if you're cool, you call it bum Ba if you
Lame you call it like it does anyone give a shit. No joke. I'm really starving here
Okay, we'll see if we can make it there
All right, come on lady
Can I have a sandwich please?
Hi ! Thank you buddy. Hey, that's so nice. Thank you ! MINE
Okay, we ate a- I hope there was nothing. I hope you didn't do anything bad with it
You don't seem like the trust-worthy kind but thank you
I'll give you a Hillary Clinton. Thank you
Jump, thank you
Let's go through here. We now have the strength. Oh. God. That's a noose
That's a noose. I hope we don't get to use it. I don't hope we don't get to use the noose
I'm sorry. I need to stop I can't help myself
I'm in the sewer. What is this? Oh boy this looking scary boy?
Do you think we can climb in the background? I think maybe?
Cool. Okay. Why are we doing this?
Oh Oh shit, okay we're fine.
I was hoping we could ah jump
Again, oh we can okay cool
Bit weird, I like it. I love this game
It's incredible. I hope it stays consistent, you know?
I don't know what the point of litting these they are but they're lit, so it's all good. Why are you watching me?
Got em
Okay, so we're here now
Can we climb the chain perhaps? Yes we can.
Yes we can everybody! On a roll! I love the flow and rhythm of the game
and a lot of people don't like it was almost like games play themselves, but
Aah you fucking idiot
Zero deaths okay? Uh what's that oh?
Look there was a glitch in the game where I wake up here. That's so strange. I wonder what happened. There are deaths
That's what Fuckin happend
That's what fuckin happend real heroes never die because that's a reference. I don't play overwatch
I'm not a fucking nerd. I don't play games
Games are for nerds honestly
Right you don't play games either. You've watched people play games. That's hardcore
I'm only playing games because I have to okay like I would not be playing this game games over nerds man
Is that a good monologue?
nailed it
Why am I not just editing it out these bits. I kind of like it to flow the game
I don't want to interrupt it. You know what I mean
Maybe I'll try and cut as little as I as I can you fucking idiot. Oh, okay. We're fine. I
Wasn't talking to you. I'm talking to me never call you an idiot
Unless you did something really stupid
In front of me. Hey! (looks at camera)
That's right. See if we can do this jump properly this time that would be great. I'm gonna go as high as possible
Woah, we can really get high in this game. Jump! Ow!
Why didn't you tell me why didn't you tell me that was a bad idea?
There was a fucking ladder there. Why didn't you tell me?
Aren't you glad you're watching this I know I know I hate myself too. It's okay
How am I supposed to jump here?
Definitely not like that. Get some shoes girl
Okay, we can't move the ladder, but we can climb here, so fuck it
Life's handing you ladders, make lemonade
No, I definitely got that quote right, okay?
I don't know if I could have it [alright]. Let's try this one. Yeah
Hey, what fun for you hey? Hey? [oh] shit shit shit. What do we do with that? Oh?
No, no no no no no no come back here. Come back here come back here
Come back and come back up up up [again]. You ain't going nowhere son
Boom smack aah ass, and then now we go party don't leave without me. Thank you. Thank [you]. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you
Excellent feel we did it. I don't even need your help
So judge full okay, so judge full and I don't appreciate it
Fuck another puzzle help help me please
Come on. Come on. Just squeeze it up fine. What about this one?
Hey, that's pretty good
someone please
Stop [stop] nope
Okay, here we go [alright] it's a puzzle got it I?
That one doesn't want to go out that's okay. Not everyone in life wants to go out
some people like going in
I'm more of a~ I'm more of an "in" person. You know what I mean
What kind of dance is that lady?
Excuse me
Yasss~ baby
Did it. We did it! Woohoo!
Oh, oh yeah, I forgot we have a short amount of time
Let's hurry up. Babarapbabapbarapbarap~
squeeze through
Okay, another creepy area. Push it. Im'ma push it all right
Why did I do that? Why did I do this? I'm fine [all]
We're down there, okay. That's cool. Zero deaths by the way. Zero deaths. What's that?
Why are we here?
We respawn here all the way down, What do I do?
but why I ask, it doesn't make much [sense], but uh
Disgusting [oh], it's the fucking slugs. [aah] aah what I?
They just want to hug me [I] can appreciate a good hug. You know what I mean
the eyebrows are moving
Completely random okay has nothing to do with what I just said you can ignore the eyebrows I have a condition. Eyebrow~ yeah
Oh yeah, Eyebrow-Eyebrowvia
Yeah, that makes sense
[oh] there they go again
Okay, ah! Fuck shit. Okay. Let's be careful here. Let's be careful. Let's be really careful
Let's be really careful buddy. There we go. [I] think [I] need to push this back, but I'm not sure
B, what do you what? Do you what you guys think oh, we turned off the electricity [ok] cool
So we were supposed to jump down see I told you. Zero deaths. Yeah
Okay, which way do I go got it?
It's very much like inside you know with ah~ this bit or whatever
But I love it. I love this type of game play. [oh]
No, oh oh
Oh hell yeah, we did it wow oh no no no no go back go back go back ah!
Damn I didn't think of that nope look away look away. Look away look
away look
away look
Okay, all right here. Here we go
That's pretty good. Yeah, no no no no no should I just go for it. [I] should have just gone for it
Yeah, I didn't get a second to hesitate come on. Zero Deaths!
Zero Deaths man, you don't understand
Wake up, girl
Look up and smell [the] ashes here. We go. Oh, not this again. Come on
That's for what I got to do this again. That's not very nice
What is that thing anyway?
I wish I could it kill with a knife you know what I mean
You know wait, you know exactly what I mean. no no! Why did I do that? For fuck's sake. OK final edit
Not a problem. Easy. I was [oh] [no], okay. We might have a problem here bros, okay. Go yes, yes
Zero Deaths!
Told you what did I say what did I say what did I say, that's right. That's right. That's right. Potato people! Get 'em
Get 'em! Go get 'em [woo!]. We made it through - hey
same station, how about that
How about that? I am rendering a video while?
I'm playing this having a bit of a busy day. [I] hope that doesn't cause any problems with it.
I don't know, anything I guess
Be quiet, please don't you I know everyone's judging me so fucking hard
Babarabap~ Bibiribi~ Babarabapbap~ [(Scary baby?)(Skinny baby?)]
I Love you. You love me. I want to see you
Potato people! Goddamn it Gotta get 'em. Gotta get 'em.
Come back here. Come back here
I'll get ya. I'll get ya one day boy
Never mind. I'll get you another day. Oh
my God
My God, Mr.. Chair could I please have a minute Mr. Chair
Oh My God Pewds. You remember me. After all these years. Shut the fuck up
God damn. I don't give a shit about 'ya oh
That's a big eye. Isn't it. I don't know if we should press that button uh hell. Let's do it anyway
Come on chair. Come on chair
It's Gonna be good. It's Gonna be good
It's Gonna have a good time
Everybody have a good press the button. [oh]
Oh hi, doggie. I don't know why I said it like that. That's the people sleeping from before. What is happening here?
What can I?
Can I jump through [you] guys [think] I can jump through?
Maybe you have to move the chair. Let's move no. Oh we can climb out without the chair, okay?
Mr. Chair
Mr. - you remember everything. I love you so much
Remember the memes the chair mode activate. It was so funny. No it wasn't
It was cringey and so is this potato people I?
I don't really know I don't really know what to do here. Let's try that again
Is this open?
It goes it closes as soon as we look away
This is definitely a puzzle. [oh]
We can change it. There's those god damn potato. Oh
And there's a chef
and there's
That place and there is that place. Oh there's grandma !
Let's go see grandma ! How you're doing grandma ?
No, the door is still closed. Then what was the point ?
Maybe that's where we need to go
Maybe some guidance along the way
good times chair good times
We must be in some weird ... *eee* potato people come back here you son of a bitch. I'll get ya
I'm like it. Yeah, I'm off the buff buddy
Okay, very zoomed out here. I don't know why
Let's go here. Let's go here Bro's
What do you say? What do you say? What do you say old Pal ?
I don't know why I talk like that. OK here we go
Here we go up up up
Lady what are you doing? [I] said up up up up to the top. [oh]?
This place is nice very
Nice. Hey, it's a I know where we are
No, no, it's the chef a chef we got a pull the suitcase. [I] remember I
remember everything
Damn this part is not good
the chef
I think we saw like all their enemies that are going to come up
Oh this is different, or is it ?
I think we just woke someone up
So cool. They really outdid themselves with this game, man. I love it
It's the fact that you're small and you can go through [all] these places that you normally wouldn't I?
Mean who would have thought - Timmy!
My best friend. [oh] shit. Bye
Why am I doing this? I don't know someone has an answer for me, please let me know
Do we need the plunger is that that what we need?
by a bitch
bye, Mom
You're supposed to break done
my God, [oh]
There's the key I didn't see it
Cool. Ow
Okay, alright
Alright alright alright
Okay, alright. Okay. alright
Nope, okay, where do we put the key?
Must be somewhere on the floor. Maybe this briefcase I
I think I saw a briefcase. There you are. No?
Where do we put the key?
It's too heavy
Okay, we got to push the door open got it cool little puzzle there like it. I like it a lot
very nice
No. throw it throw it buddy. You gotta throw it. It's one of those this is like a
Almost that Guardian of- Guardian of the Galaxy I almost said. How do I throw it. You press jump okay?
Guardian the last [guardian] yeah, just throw that goddamn dog food. [I] don't think we need this anymore. Bye
[alright] open the door
singsong oh boom
Hey, it's a monkey
I love these
What do we do with it throw it at the button go oh?
It's working yes, alright. Sorry. I can't help you Mr.. Monkey ah
We need to pull these boxes doesn't look like they're pullable you know what I mean, you know what I mean, you dirty
Dirty dirty dirty, I think I can reach that
No, I think you can lend me a monkey hand. [oh]
That's my boy. Hey, you come with me you're awesome dude. Woohoo!
That's what I'm talking about. That's right we're gonna finish the whole game with you, buddy
Mr.. Mr.. Meeseeks!
I'm stuck again. Oh we need him again. We need them again. Yes
Know what [I] say nope
What go?
Got damn
Yeah, boy, you're the best Mr. Meeseeks?
Hell yeah, let's do a little dance
Do a little dance
Make a little love get down night. Oh. Yeah. [look] at her leg you like that. [you] like it. Yeah, that's right
Hey, hey, hey nope
when I told you about your pants
Damn, weirdo goddamn [rear] there fine. Why does everyone that watch it ey [oh]
No, I'm getting sick something wrong with this. I'm hungry again what?
That's so strange
I'm not leaving you behind buddy
I may be starving, but I'm not living my best friend behind of anything if anything happens to you. I'll be devastated
I'm quitting this play, oh I'm so hungry now ah
Why does no one feed me I?
Was think about that in games?
You play Uncharted which is like the kind of kind of game that you know?
It's the same [timeline], but you never eat
You just never eat
[or] the Last of Us or whatever you never eat you never eat that never bother anyone else
This game you eat this game is realistic. I don't know why I have to punish [myself]
Mr. Meeseeks, you're coming with me buddy. Ain't leaving you behind for nobody
You saved my life. I saved yours
Get out of here rats
Sound sorry Mr. Meeseeks
Just gonna have a little snack have a little snack hopefully don't get locked in here. Oh
God rat food I
That should do the trick?
I Didn't. Mr. Meeseeks! Nooo!
Shit, this is bad. This is real bad. Oh that's creepy those hands
Oh it makes me want to touch myself
All right, man, this is bad, this is real bad
Ohh, okay, are we waking up?
Boom bam bam [ow]. I'm fine. I'm fine. Where's Mr. Meeseeks? Where is it? Where is it?
Okay, we gotta grab that thing
Babarabap bapbarabapbarap babarabap, we gotta grab that thing
Father do you..
Why am I singing this song to some?
Ok, jump and then grab thank you jump in the grant jump in the gear boy. Yeah, boy
Aha, I like little legs dangle?
Okay, let's swing. I think that's the trick here
Yeah, oh
All right, oh hey! Hey game. I already figured it out. All right. I don't need you. Go go go go go, whoa
Where is he? Where is Mr.Meeseeks?
I need to find him
He was my only lover. He was the only one that saw me for what I [really] was a selfish asshole.
I loved him. He was my only child
jump nailed it nailed
it [oh]
Feels good. That's good man. Feels great. I love it
How you doing there? Oh, no, I forgot what we're dealing with
Is he blind?
Okay, well, maybe we can sneak back
What is he doing? He's making something. He can smell me. No no no no no no
What is he making? that's so creepy. Creepy is the right word for this game, man, [ah]
[maybe] he's just making potatoes wait a minute
What do I do if he can smell me?
How do I unsmell myself?
Nope, fuck that fuck that fuck that honest tonight
Anyone, [oh], you've done it
You've done it napkin
Fuck, he can smell me. What do I do if he can smell me?
It's not many options if he can smell you, buddy
What do I do?
I can't really climb anything. Okay, if he can smell me, I'm just gonna run. Bye~
Arg. I was clearly supposed to go in that hole a
Did he fart? I swear he farted there. That's embarrassing for him, not for me. What's that?
Zero death!
Thank you appreciate all the support appreciate all the support that I'm getting on this playthrough
my zero death playthrough
Really appreciate it run run run run run run. [I] don't know how I messed up. I literally could have the run straight forward [oh]
Oh, God he has the door no
Okay, alright. Its a puzzle. We have time. There's a shoe here. You're my new best friend, shoe
Oh there's a button, isn't it? No it's not. Can I climb this? No I can't, okay. Hmm? Well then oh?
Is that a crack? Oh it is!
Oh, my how lovely
Let's crank it up bros
Yeah, no, I guess he's gonna come, isn't he? He can smell me! He can smell me :(
No no no no no no, ah! AH!! NO!! AH!! Fuck!!
So creepy I get goosebumps. I don't know 'bout you guys
Okay, let's do this. We can do this. I know we can I know we can. Just gonna pull on through
just like just like
Other people that produce and can't figure anywhere no no
I'm going fuck that fuck that fuck that dude. [it's] so hard
God damn that was creepy. I don't like that guy. [I] don't like him
Don't want you
Hey, it's a shoe. It's [a] shoe everyone glad you could make it shoe. Oh
Yeah, it end. Oh wait. I saw a liner
I don't know what the point of me litting this. But I'm sure if I was going come to comment
and be like you fucking idiot it's so fucking obvious you lit in the light to make the soul of the game a lit and
[ordered] some shit like that. I don't
Hey more shoes everyone
Great to meet you shoes
Nice to meet you. That was- Ay! This is so cool this part
reminds me a little bit of
[oh], [God] is there something in the shoes?
Oh God, I forgot there's something in the shoes there's something in the shoes! Go!! Ha!
Got them, you can't shoe the shoe master
Go, go go go go go go go no no no no no no yeah? You can't shoe the shoe master. Let's right the shoe master disaster
Okay, so now what's the plan felix?
Well, I guess I just die. I don't have a
Is the box there, isn't it? I don't see the point of going there. We're just gonna have to hope
I have a really bad feeling about this
Hey, I made it. Oh my God whew that was close?
Okay, we did it. We're doing good. We're doing good. [oh]
No, we are not. NOOOOOO!!!!
NOOOO!! Go, please. I can't take-
[I] hate him so much. Oh, no no run please
Mr.. Music!! :'(
Go go go. what am I doing here? Go in there! go in there!
Oh my God. Is he going up with me? he best not find me. He better not find me, boy. Oh God
He's gonna come here next. Oh this is bad, this is really bad
attention retention
Potato people distract him, wait a minute. Maybe they are with me all along.
Oh my god... I don't like him
What's here? Oh I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. there's something hidden
This blanket loose. Oh
Mr.. Music no
Hey, we're fine. How 'bout that?
Told you I came back for you, buddy. [I] would never leave you [behind]
That's [right]. You're coming with me the whole game. I told you the whole oh, oh oh, oh, oh
It would be great if you actually didn't make noise
Maybe you use them to distract him. Yes
That actually makes a lot of sense
Where am I?
The goal for [me] to distract him somewhere perhaps
Why can I jump up here for example if I throw the Mr.. Musics there does that it no?
I'm sure there's a way I can go up here. [I] just haven't seen it. Maybe here
[maybe] here. Yeah, it's here
no, oh
My God. He's creepy
Okay, so we'll just wait for him to be there, then we'll throw a Mr.. Musics
Careful now careful Mr.. Music. I love you. You like one of my champ. Go!
Distract him! *Mr.Music: I save you, Pewdiepie.* that didn't work that didn't work
Let's get the fuck out of here. Go!
No, no, go for me. What do I do? Ah!
NO!!! What the fuck was that?
Why did I not throw it further? Why did I not throw it further? God damn you idiot!
Mr.. Musics, do your job?
I just had to climb up! Don't! No! Don't touch me! I don't like you
I don't like when [you] touch [me] hi, go.
Oh no his coming!! Push it! Push it! Push it! Push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push,......
nailed it
Zero Death!! What did I tell you? What did I tell you? not just an amazing
Humble person, but also extremely good at games.
No, oh, no it never ends, does it? Never ends does it?
Okay, so what do we got here? I just gonna go through. What is the worst thing that can happen?
Oh, oh, I made a little oopsie. Go go go go go. Oh no. He's here. No
Fuck he's distracted by the shoes oh
Okay, well that could have gone better
What do I do here? okay, I'm just gonna guess I'm just gonna guess. grabb the shoe. Grab the- ah okay
The shoe trick didn't work. Okay. He didn't see it. But here I am.... Shoe throw!!! (Bruh)
Oh, God do that again, please, but do it properly please
She's looking at..... Shoe throw! (Bruh) No, please just throw-throw the shoe!! :'((
Please just throw the shoe!! throw the SHOEEEEE!! throw the- yes!!! SHOEEEEEEE!!!!!
Yes, yes, the clocks are helping! The clock!!
There was the clock! I'm out. I'm so out of here. I'm so done with it. Haha
How are these books balanced? Burn them! Need to burn them
Maybe we can climb here? okay, we can. This game gets intense boy
Hey, that's the piano. I'm sure nothing bad was going to happen with that at all
At all hey, it's the candle let's lit it
Let's lit it
What kind of j-? Oh okay. Okay. Oh no. I think he heard us
That's some straight-up parkour stuff
I'm a good climber. I got to hand it to myself. Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no
I better stay down here a little bit down [on] that love oh. Oh, I don't like him
There's a crank there. I see it. You see it too, don't you?
Okay, let's be careful here. He's sniffing, sniffing like Edgar. Okay. Let's- careful.
There's a crank here somewhere
See if we can find it
Can we go through here? I'm climbing the books. I didn't realize there's a Mr.. Musics
Excellent. Okay. We're fine. We got this bros. Damn it. Don't mess up. What did I say?
What'd I say, let's throw some stuff at him
if you can just run through
Yep, the answer was yes
We need the crank though
Please don't come now out of all times, please not now. Thank you. We did it. We did it. We did it
We did it awesome
awesome, oh
There it is, okay
So are we gonna have to walk all the way?
How? it's impossible?
Can we even throw this? how would that be possible?
I think I know what must be done, and I [don't] like it. We're gonna have to run D:
It's another one of those
[we're] gonna have to press the TV. He's gonna come in
And we're just going to pray for the Lord that he likes television
run Run run run run run
[no], no no no no no no go go go go go go go go go go go go go
Go go go go go go go go. Do you like go go? I don't like parks. [oh] my god oh my God
Oh my God crank that sh*t up
Crank that sh*t so hard
Come on
Come on, not again
I'm going I [don't] even get care. I don't even care
Swing swing swing it. I don't think I cranked it enough ah
yes, yes, ah
Okay, okay
[I] really really really really really need to end this episode here, but I really love this game so much
Please leave a like if you ẹnoy. I'll see the bros in the next episode. thank you for always loving support. Stay awesome bros.
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Little Nightmares - Part 2 - THIS GIVES ME SHIVERS

565 Folder Collection
Frederic published on June 23, 2017
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