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  • Hi, this is JR.

  • Today, however, I’m sadly here to talk about devastating news that you most likely have heard of already.

  • The director of the documentary看見台灣 齊柏林 has passed away in a helicopter crash while filming for the sequel in Hualien on the 10th this month.

  • I’m personally truly sad about this

  • because weve lost someone who was, in terms of environmental awareness, so dedicated to make this world a better place.

  • And It was never just about Taiwan.

  • While 齊柏林 was filming for the sequel he actually scouted in different places such as New Zealand, Malaysia and China, etc.

  • It was always about raising awareness of environmental protection.

  • People who knew him describe him as a very warm, bighearted person who never used mean words against other people.

  • 齊柏林 sacrificed a lot to pursue this dream,

  • not just for himself, but on behalf of everyone.

  • To make the first documentary, he quit his job as a civil servant 3 years right before he could have got a lifetime pension.

  • He mortgaged his house, he borrowed money from his friends.

  • Just to make sure that this documentary was going to happen.

  • And his efforts paid off.

  • In addition to winning a golden horse award, I think what mattered to him most was that

  • the public was truly shocked by the images he’s shown in these documentaries,

  • and people were galvanized to step up and take more concrete measures to help protect the environment.

  • He was fully aware of the risk of aerial photography,

  • but he just couldn’t live with the poor, inferior quality of using drones.

  • He had to do it himself.

  • Referring to the life-and-death moments he encountered in air, he wrote..

  • So when you think about it.

  • There are so many people out there talking about love Taiwan.

  • But there’s so few people really out there trying to make a difference, really trying to put down-to-earth effort into changing reality.

  • Yet 齊柏林 was one of those people.

  • And knowing that he’s not with us anymore is reallyyou know, gets me really beaten up.

  • It’s such a great loss.

  • So what do you think?

  • How can we bring out more people like director 齊柏林?

  • People who are willing to make the sacrifice and make an influence..

  • Leave a message down below, share your thoughts, share the video..

  • And please do remember to subscribe to the channel.

  • See you guys next time.

  • Love. Peace.

Hi, this is JR.

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【台灣時事英文】感謝齊柏林導演對台灣的貢獻【CC字幕】 Thank you director Chi po-lin

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