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  • We're in Madrid in Spain. It's lunch time and we're always hungry.

  • Today we are going to experience the street food of Madrid and all that the city has to offer.

  • Right near the centre of Madrid, near the Plaza Mayor, there Mercado

  • de San Miguel were we are now. It's an indoor food market that has an amazing selection

  • of food to offer.

  • If you come to Madrid, then one of the things that you have to try is the Jamon.

  • cured ham. And it's so delicious. There are lots of varieties, so there is lots to choose from.

  • The best way to have jamon is in these little cones.

  • The jamon is really nice, it's not too salty and it's got a creamy texture. It's really delicious.

  • One of the best things about coming to a market is that you can try some new things.

  • We're going to go for the sea urchin. I've never had sea urchin before.

  • This is kind of like a stuffed sea urchin.

  • It smells kind of fishy.

  • It's got a really strong fishy flavour. Kind of like mashed potatoes from the sea.

  • It's not my favourite thing ever.

  • It's really vibey. It's really busy and there are a lot of tourists,

  • but it's got a fantastic atmosphere and vibe. It's a great place to eat .

  • One of the main things that you must try is called pinchos (pintxo) is basically

  • a baguette type bread with various ingredients on it.

  • Fresh ingredients on bread, you can't really go wrong.

  • The hardest part with pinchos is keeping the ingredients on the bread.

  • One baguette with fried squid rings please.

  • We've already had a lot to eat, but we've seen these all over Madrid. It's fried calamari in a bread roll.

  • Sounds like heaven, looks like heaven and it tastes like heaven.

  • Not good for your health, but very tasty.

  • You can't come to Madrid without having some sangria. It's fruity, it's cold, it's alcoholic magic. Super refreshing.

  • I'm more of an ice cream fan to cool down.

  • There are a lot of places selling ice cream in Madrid. I've gone for chocolate. It's always my go to flavour.

  • Down a narrow street in the middle of Madrid (Pasadizo San Ginés), there's one of the

  • oldest chocolaterias in Madrid. They do the most amazing thick hot chocolate with churros

  • Churros is this kind of fried dough that they put in sausage / finger shapes which

  • are perfect for dipping. The hot chocolate here is thick, warm and delicious and not too rich.

  • There are a number of terraces dotted throughout Madrid. I suggest to not go to Plaza Mayor

  • as it's very expensive and a bit of a tourist trap. We've on one of the smaller

  • squares (Santa Ana) and we're trying tapas. which are little, small dishes in various

  • types. This is the croquette that we're having and we're also having calamares or fried squid.

  • That's it for our food tour of Madrid. Do you enjoy the stuff ? I have a great time. Do you eat enough? I think I might eat too much

We're in Madrid in Spain. It's lunch time and we're always hungry.

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Spanish Food - Madrid Street Food

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    April Lu posted on 2017/06/20
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