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  • So it's Dragon Boat Festival coming up

  • or the Rice Dumpling Festival

  • if you are more intrigued

  • by the food aspect of it

  • but I'm so thrilled

  • finally spot a

  • store a shop

  • that still makes rice dumplings on site

  • because it's really rare

  • to see rice dumplings

  • right in front of you

  • Excuse me

  • How are rice dumplings different from the north to the south of Taiwan?

  • For rice dumplings from the north, we use cooked rice

  • well northern rice dumplings

  • are made with cooked rice

  • and they use uncooked rice in the southern Taiwan

  • then they boil the rice dumpling so it turns soft

  • Rice dumplings from the northern Taiwan use pork fat fried rice

  • yes the rice is similar to pork fat fried rice

  • so the northern rice dumplings are ready to eat?

  • Nah you need to steam them before putting them on the table

  • after the rice dumpling is wrapped

  • steam them with a steamer

  • the aroma of the leaves then would come out

  • how many rice dumplings do you make every Dragon Boat Festival?

  • It depends usually around 4 to 5 thousands

  • Are those umm egg yolks?

  • And those are scallops?

  • yes small scallops

  • and that's dried mushroom

  • and that's pork belly?

  • yes that's right pork belly

  • so these are wrapped and steamed?

  • yes we need to toss all these into a huge steamer

  • because these are raw duck egg yolks

  • and each of these

  • how much is one?

  • it's NT$50 (= US$1.6)

  • And the leaves

  • what type of leaves are these?

  • bamboo leaves

  • from bamboo

  • Great! Thank you so much

  • Thank you

  • Keep up the good works!

  • and that's how they make (rice) dumplings from the north of Taiwan

  • here I am at this farmer's market

  • trying to find out how different

  • is rice dumpling

  • from the north of Taiwan

  • to the south

  • Excuse me can I ask

  • is this rice dumpling from the south or the north?

  • Southern rice dumplings

  • Ohh

  • and what are the differences?

  • Pork fat fried rice is used for northern rice dumplings

  • the southern rice dumplings are boiled in water rather than steamed

  • and the bowl of rice here is uncooked?

  • yes raw

  • and the toppings are the same for both rice dumplings?

  • yes the same

  • it's only the rice that are different

  • oh I see thank you

  • basically, northern rice dumplings taste chewy

  • and the southern rice dumplings are much more tender

  • so he put it on the internet?

  • youtube?

  • Granny's Pork Fat Fried Rice

  • oh wow the store is on Youtube?

  • here you go

  • oh nice!

  • there 5 videos on youtube

  • that's really cool

  • and that's me

  • oh this is great marketing

So it's Dragon Boat Festival coming up

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Taiwan's Rice Dumplings: North vs. South 台灣粽子:北部粽 vs. 南部粽

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    eating posted on 2017/06/20
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