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  • Hey guys it's Iris

  • and this is Hiwaot

  • introduce yourself

  • Hello I'm Hiwaot

  • and I'm one of Iris' subscribers

  • came to Taiwan with her help

  • this is my 1st subscriber meeting

  • actually I met one accidentally

  • but this is a planned subscriber meeting

  • and she currently teaches in Zhongli

  • and she's from Toronto

  • and we are watching dragon boat race

  • whoop whoop

  • first time for the both of us

  • first time super excited

  • nice weather

  • yea the weather is incredible

  • and how do you feel about

  • I guess first time seeing dragon boat

  • Yea I'm excited

  • I mean it's a lot more chill than I expected

  • I thought it'd be a lot faster

  • yea yea it's kind of mesmerizing

  • the drum

  • Keep it up [Mandarin]

  • Hi

  • I don't think he was waving at me but

  • Hi

  • sorry

  • sorry do you guys

  • are you guys dragon boat racers?

  • yes

  • and um

  • I'm sorry

  • how can we help you?

  • so my friend here

  • she's wondering if she

  • could join next year?

  • next year

  • but we haven't started yet

  • For recruiting, we will start recruiting in Feburary

  • I was interested to see if you could just sign up and join

  • I see

  • How many people are there needed to be on a dragon boat?

  • 22

  • oh 22

  • They have big boats and small boats

  • small boat probably 15

  • and big boat 22

  • everyday

  • so [practice] everyday for 3 months

  • that's how we run

  • that's why our schedule is set up for the university students

  • so it was really interesting to see

  • how different teams coming from different parts of the world

  • to Taiwan to race

  • There was

  • I think Turkish people?

  • I wasn't sure which flag that was

  • but there was definitely Filipino teams

  • go go go go go

  • I think they are in the 1st place

  • which country is that one? Taiwan? [Mandarin]

  • Excuse me

  • Do you know if

  • we could experience dragon boating

  • The experience program just passed

  • Oh no it's passed already

  • Yea there was an experience program

  • Oh I see

  • It's gone now

  • Was it last week?

  • yes last week

  • Hello

  • that's the mayor

  • that's the mayor of

  • that little guy?

  • yea it's the mayor of Taipei

  • the dragon boat passing the podium is [Mandarin]

  • Kang Chiao High School [Mandarin]

Hey guys it's Iris

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Taipei Dragon Boat Race | Festival in Taiwan 2017 台北龍舟比賽

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