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There are many simple things in the world, shovels.
They're all different.
Gardening shovel.
Unloading shovel.
Children shovel.
But there is also a different shovel.
We use it when we come to the position.
In short time, it helps us dig a trench, which saves us from bullets.
If a tank goes past over the trench, there's a high probability that it will not cause any harm to the soldier.
We dig in the ground, deeper,
and then connect the trenches with our friends to the left.
And in just a few hours, trenches are all connected.
When we do not have an axe, we can use a shovel to cut a loaf of bread.
A soldier uses the shovel as a paddle, crossing the wide river on the enemy fire.
If we're out of ammunition, we'll use a shovel again.
And then we'll move on.
And then we get the order to stop,
we'll take a shovel again, and build around us a impregnable fortress.
This fortress is defended by the army of Ukraine, our army.
Ukrainian Ground Forces, on guard of our land.
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The Ballad of the infantry

3246 Folder Collection
Mii Wei published on June 20, 2017    Mii Wei translated    missnerdypants reviewed
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