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  • [sigh]

  • I'm leaving Smosh.

  • Or I guess as of today, I've left Smosh.

  • Oh, God.

  • Wow.

  • This has been that something that I've been

  • contemplating for a really, really long time.

  • And it's hard for me to admit to myself that it's

  • finally happening.

  • I know that a lot of you may be upset, or,

  • confused by all this.

  • And

  • I just hope that by

  • being honest with you and explaining how I feel and how I've been feeling will

  • help

  • make you understand, a little bit?

  • Smosh has been a huge part of my life

  • for as long as I can remember.

  • It started as a website that I made

  • for me and my friends to hang out and talk to each other after school.

  • And a few years later, Smosh became

  • a YouTube channel where Ian and I made videos together

  • just because we liked to make each other laugh.

  • I still remember Ian and my first trip down to LA

  • someone invited us down to LA

  • just for a random business meeting,

  • and we didn't necessarily know what that meant,

  • we were just like, "alright, let's do it!"

  • We hopped in the car

  • and it didn't matter, because we were best friends and we had each other,

  • and we knew that no matter what would happen,

  • we'd be there with each other.

  • These memories, are

  • the reason it's been so difficult for me to admit

  • that

  • things change.

  • I've been holding on to these memories and hoping that someday

  • Smosh should be like how it was from we first started,

  • before Smosh was a brand, owned by a company.

  • And I had to come to terms with the fact that Smosh, being part of a company,

  • has put all of my creative decisions through a filter of what's appropriate for the

  • Smosh brand, as deemed by the company. I need to feel that happiness again. I need

  • to be doing what makes me happiest to wake up each morning. Right now that's

  • for me to do things on my own again with complete creative freedom, to be able to

  • make whatever I want, whenever I want, to walk away from something that I created

  • as a teenager with my best friend, which has now become something bigger than I'd

  • ever imagined. And it's terrifying. I've never made anything on my own really. I've

  • never made things without Ian by my side. I'm feeling so many things right now, I'm

  • scared, but I'm also excited. I'm so excited about creating things again that

  • won't have to pass through a filter. I am really really sad that I'll be walking

  • away from this thing that I made with my best friend, but I have to remember that

  • you know I might be walking away from Smosh but I'm not walking away from Ian,

  • we're still friends and he lives like two miles away so I could see him all

  • the time, and I'm honestly so grateful for you always being there, supporting me

  • over all these years and allowing me to even make Smosh in the first place, and I

  • really hope that you'll follow me in this new chapter in my life. I mean you

  • already found my channel so, here it is! I'll be making stuff here consistently

  • and I really hope you'll support me in this transition. All right well, I guess,

  • I guess that's all I wanted to say. Thank you, and I'll see you soon, right here on

  • this channel. Bye


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Why I Left Smosh

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    Steven posted on 2017/06/19
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