B1 Intermediate US 2824 Folder Collection
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This bra is definitiely not Annie's.
It's way bigger.
Included message:
I have told this NB3 several times
and now I am telling you:
You heard that right, you're a shit waifu, Boxbox.
Rem is definitely the best girl,
and if you don't think so,
I'll be hotter!
I'll be hotter until you're fully convinced!
Got it!
I had a clean combo.
Oh, a, Yes
I said yes!
It's THE Lee Sin!
The PS4 Controller Lee Sin!
So.. My friends gave me some anime poses...
One of them they told me to do was:
You do some sort of "Swing".
So you...you
Kinda swing you're fingers like that...
And then...
You know about half a beat later,
You wink.
Let me know if this is hot or not.
So it looks something like:
I winked with the wrong eye...
What-Whatever, okay, okay.
Tell me.
Oh my!
Alright, alright, that's enough for now we don't wanna break the meter.
Mega spicy!
I need Dyrus in the chat to tell me he's ready.
This is for him.
Oh I see him!
I see him! He said it!
Excuse me let me full screen the webcam really quick...
I hope that's okay with you!
There was...
Something I wanted to show you...
And I am kind of shy,
so I hope you don't...
I hope you don't think I am being weird or...
Or lewd or something like that...
But uhm...
I made this for you.
Can...Can you sign it?
Eat a Banana (twitch chat)
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HOTTEST REM COSPLAY (League of Legends with PS4 Controller) - Boxbox

2824 Folder Collection
published on June 19, 2017
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