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I don't know much about you...
- I know of you. - OK
You're wonder woman.
It seems to be.
This is a big deal!
You know, it's just a wake up every morning, telling myself...no.
I was lucky enough to lead the role of wonder women.
Has it sunk in yet?
I mean there's a giant billboard in Times Square that's bigger than... of you!
I know, I went there last night.
Did you really?
We just got here last night, we went straight to Times Square,
and it was just surreal.
You cannot take it in.
It's like me, I'm from Israel, from this small city,
and all of a sudden I'm all over Times Square.
It's insane.
I was reading and I think that the story I heard is that
- you were almost considering giving up acting before this - True.
Yeah, I had so... this profession, the rejection... ooh dude, it's tough.
It's a tough business.
- Trust me, I... - You know.
Have you seen my movies? Yeah, thank you for rubbing it in.
- You did well. You did pretty well. - Yeah, I ended up OK.
No, but I had so many almost, and another camera test,
then it was almost mine, and another round, and another round.
And I was telling my husband
I'm not sure how long I can take it.
Dragging my family to Los Angeles.
Doing this, da da da
On the same trip we were in Los Angeles,
I got a phone call from Zack Schneider,
who wanted to audition me for this secret role.
I was like, OK, sure, I'll do that.
What does that mean, do you even have lines?
- How do you audition for secret roles? - You have lines
You have lines, you get the lines, but you have no idea what the story is about,
who is the character, nothing.
But what are you saying, what are the lines?
what are you saying, like "Get down."?
- Would you like me to say "Get down," Jimmy? - No, I don't know, I was just...
I'm just saying, if you like, I can say it.
- Get down - It's good! I don't know anything about that.
That was great. You got the part!
But did you know you were suppose to be American or...
Oh, I did not know anything, honestly.
I just got the signs, did the auditions.
Zack is a wonderful man. We set...
We did the audition, it went great,
went back to Israel to shoot an Israeli movie,
and I didn't know if I wanted to continue acting afterwards.
Anyway, I'm in Israel, I get a phone call,
they tell me that they want to do a camera test.
I'm like, again? Camera test, again, another almost-almost.
You set yourself up for rejection.
Whatever, what am I being testing for? What's the part?
And then my agent goes, "They didn't tell you?"
I'm like "No," so no one knows what am I...
- What am I gonna be? - What's the big deal?
What am I? Who am I?
So Zack calls me two days later, and he's like
I don't know if you have this character in Israel
If she's big or not
but did you ever hear about Wonder Woman?
I was like,
Wonder Woman, yeah, OK, I'll be there, done.
Did you talk to anybody about this when you got it?
- When I got the part? - Yeah
I was sitting in an airplane, I just landed, I was by myself, I just landed in Los Angeles.
Open my phone, 20 missed phone calls from my agents. - That's good news.
I forgot about that, I've been waiting for six weeks.
I already think that the part is not mine.
F**k it!
This is late night show!
You get me, you.
You almost didn't get the part.
- And then, I was sitting this entire flight, it's a long flight - Yes
15 hours, from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles.
I was sitting next to this professor.
He tried really hard to teach me about the quantum theory.
Super interesting though very complicated.
I'm still working on it.
The entire flight we were talking about quantum physics.
Are you kid—...That sounds like the worst thing I could ever think of.
It was actually pretty interesting.
- I would put fake headphones on - But I didn't understand anything
I would go, "Oh I'm so sorry, I got to listen to something." Quantum physics!
We landed, open the phone, missed call, call my agent
The part is yours, you're Wonder Woman!
But you can't say anything to anyone.
And I go "Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh. My. God!"
And this guy is next to me and everyone was looking at me.
It was a lot louder, I sounded "ahh", it was "WAAAHH!"
It was my masculine voice.
I'm so sorry, I'm so excited to be here
that I've been talking nonstop.
No, that's why it is a talk show, I want you to talk.
OK, I'll talk, good evening everyone.
You just can't say the F word, that's all. Everything else.
The only thing you can't do.
And then he was like, "What's going on?"
Cause we became friends, right?
So I hope you're watching, Prof. Quantum Physics.
That's what happened, I couldn't say anything.
So he probably thought you were just excited
about learning so much about quantum physics.
- Exactly! She got it, she got it! - Oh my god! Oh my god!
Thank you for telling me these theories.
No black holes!
So if you are watching, yes, that's what happened.
You were sitting next to Wonder Woman the whole time. That is a great story.
And you have two children, you have a five year old
And what is the... How old is the baby?
- Two months. - So the baby, the baby was...
She is so small.
So the baby was actually in Wonder Woman.
She was. With the intimidation of photography.
Yeah, she was in my belly.
How did they get around shooting that?
That was really funny. They did everything in closeups.
And some of it was wide shots, and they cut this huge triangle
Green Kermit triangle
- Kermit the frog? - Exactly!
So you see me do whatever, I'm being super tough and everything.
And then I go to check playback,
and you see it starts like super close, and then it opens up.
And then you see me super serious but with a belly.
It was very amusing.
I hope there's a picture of that somewhere.
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Gal Gadot Auditioned for Wonder Woman Without Knowing It

30049 Folder Collection
Jerry published on June 20, 2017    Jerry translated    Samuel reviewed
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