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SPEAKER 1: When you think about the future of aerospace,
your mind might go someplace big.
Taking a commercial flight to Mars at the speed of light,
commuting to work on a passenger drone, or living in an aeroship
the size of a small city.
All good ideas, albeit a bit far fetched.
So then what if I told you the real future of aerospace,
it's happening right now.
And it's all about, well, you.
For the past couple of years, the world
has been abuzz with news that we may be getting closer
to commercial space travel.
Private space companies seem to be breaking barriers
every week, getting us closer to the dream of spending
your holiday orbiting the earth.
Yes, that is one vision of the future of flight.
But there are other huge steps in the world of aerospace
that are being taken to help improve holidays
down here on Earth.
GUY NORRIS: The future in the next five or six years,
you're going to see a lot more tiny features on aeroplanes
that the normal person in the street wouldn't appreciate,
but they make a huge difference to both
the emissions of an aircraft in terms of noise and fuel burn.
And generally it's going to be a drive towards a more
sustainable future in aviation.
Because the emissions that you're
going to put into the atmosphere,
the drive to reduce that is going
to be absolutely critical.
SPEAKER 1: The future of aerospace
is dependent on protecting our planet and the people that
live here.
That's why there is a push for changes big and small.
From hybrid planes that use both electric and traditional fuel
sources to propel aircraft through the air to new winglet
designs that help increase fuel efficiency, even a little bit.
We've experienced a turn toward sustainable energy
on the ground, either in our cars or in our homes.
So why not in the air?
The future of aerospace might also
mean not sitting in an airport all day.
ED WILSON: So the future of airlines,
aircraft in the commercial world is all about
getting people efficiently from point to point.
So we're finding that we're improving our technologies
on the flight deck to enhance the capabilities to getting
an airplane in and out of airfields
sometimes when the weather is poor.
SPEAKER 1: And in the future when
you arrive at your destination, you
won't even feel like you've just flown halfway across the world.
GUY NORRIS: Boeing, for example, has led the drive
to reduce the cabin altitude so that instead
of being at the top of an 8,000 foot mountain,
you're sitting at 5,000 feet.
It doesn't sound that much of a difference,
but believe me on an eight hour journey
you're going to feel more human when you get there.
SPEAKER 1: It's all these small changes
that the average traveler may never notice.
The price of your ticket may go down a little
because a new lighter plane is using less fuel to get you
where you need to go.
You'll notice fewer planes flying overhead,
because they're too quiet to draw your attention.
You'll wake up from a cross country flight
feeling refreshed because the cabin lights have synced up
with your diurnal clock.
Many people think the future of aerospace
will be big bold steps to take us beyond what
we thought was capable.
And it will be.
But first aerospace is going to make
your journey more comfortable and try and help
the planet along the way.
But don't worry, you may still get that space vacation
to Mars.
This is the Farnborough International Air Show,
one of the biggest air shows in the world
and a place that is as connected to flying in aeronautics
as any other place on Earth.
And over 100 years later, it is still synonymous with flight.
SPEAKER 2: It's a celebration of flying.
And as I drove in today, I saw people already lined out
with their cameras ready to take pictures of these aircrafts.
SPEAKER 1: Thank you for watching
and make sure to subscribe for more videos.
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What is The Future of Aerospace?

11209 Folder Collection
Alvin He published on July 9, 2017    Alvin He translated    Hsin reviewed
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