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  • Who are responsible?

  • Oh God, here comes the Chef.

  • -Where's Al? -There.

  • Come in, please.

  • -So, this is? -Archie.

  • -And this is? -Terence.

  • -Yes, sir. -Good to see you, buddy.

  • -And this is? -Terell.

  • Come over here so I can see you.

  • -And this is? -Kelvin.

  • Kelvin, right. Another chef, come through.

  • -Joe. -Joe.

  • So, who's the head chef?

  • Does anyone know?

  • I don't do the cooking but I...

  • -You don't do the cooking? -No, sir, but I, smoke meat.

  • Something not quite right here.

  • What do you do here?

  • I smoke some meat.

  • Was there anything I tasted today that was smoked today?

  • Um... brisket.

  • This piece of shit here was smoked today?

  • No, not today.

  • Does that look appetising?

  • No, sir.

  • That was not. When was that cooked?

  • On Saturday.

  • On Saturday? So today's Tuesday.

  • Do you honestly think that customers would walk through that door, thinking that you're smoking meat, 3 to 4 days before eating them?

  • -How are you eating them? -Microwave them.

  • Microwaving them. Come on, it's disgusting, for God's sake!

  • Is there anything today that I ate, that wasn't microwaved?

  • The salad.

  • The salad? You fucking doughnut.

  • Of course you don't put a fucking salad...

  • No, but that's all that wasn't heated.

  • Guys I'm not laughing, I'm seriously disappointed.

  • And, Natalie, you don't need me here to tell you that brisket is like dog shit.

  • If my parents named a restaurant after me, I'd make sure that was the fucking best smoked brisket.

  • My daughter doesn't do what needs to be done to get this restaurant back in shape.

  • It's just, I don't have the words for it right now.

  • I don't know what to say. I'm lost for words.

  • After a lunch that was almost entirely microwaved, Chef Ramsay braced himself for a first observation on the dinner service.

  • Good evening, welcome to Michon's.

  • -And for you, sir? -I'm going to do the chicken breast.

  • Alright, Joe, let's go for round two!

  • -What's that noise? -The microwave.

  • Fucking hell, the microwave.

  • -What is that? -They're seafood

  • That's how they do things.

  • They just stuff it in the microwave and it's ridiculous!

  • -Geez, what are that? Rib tips.

  • What's all that with the bag stuff?

  • They wash everything and put them in bags.

  • It's just madness, you're not even cooking you're just re-heating.

  • I don't know, that's not how we've been re-heating it.

  • Have you been to another restaurant, have you seen...

  • -I haven't been to another kitchen. -You haven't been to another kitchen?

  • It's tearing me up inside, I've never seen anything like this, ever.

  • Chef Ramsay is criticising every single things that we do. Just because he doesn't like it doesn't mean it's wrong.

  • Show me the smokers, please.

  • Wow, look at them, I mean, you know what hurts more than anything?

  • The fact that we have the most amazing equipment, and yet the product is shit.

  • Briskets, turkey, chicken, smoked in this, then we, slice it, bag it, chill it then we re-heat it in the microwave.

  • Does that make sense?

  • Show me it, please.

  • Wow, look at that, how long have they been in?

  • How long it's been cooking?

  • So they went in, two and half hours ago, so we're ready for dinner?

  • Yeah we're ready.

  • Please, we'll taste it, now. That's delicious, that's what I'm screaming for, they're ready, they're delicious!

  • We're re-heating yesterday's fucking wings, and they're just immaculate.

  • Natalie, don't open the door and disappear, I need to talk to you urgently.

  • So we have some smokers here, pretty amazing.

  • And you got these, they're literally minutes off the smoker.

  • And yet we can't hold them and serve?

  • That's what we were trying to figure out.

  • It's a no brainer.

Who are responsible?

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'You Don't Microwave a Salad' - Kitchen Nightmares

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