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Buenas noches, Mexico!
(audience cheering)
It is such a joy, it is such a joy to be here.
How about our, I love you too, sir.
(audience laughing)
Solamente the guys, only the guys, never the girls.
How about our house band tonight?
They've topped regional airplay charts in both
Mexico and the United States.
Please welcome Calibre 50.
(audience cheering)
Welcome to CONAN “Made in Mexico.”
Now, as you can tell by the title, my mission here
in your beautiful country is to tape a show
made by a Mexican staff and crew
in a Mexican television studio
and starring the Mexican people.
That is the idea. (audience cheering)
And in addition to some very special guests,
I am honored to be joined by my friend,
Andres Antonio De Los Richter.
Hola! (audience cheering)
Thank you.
Gracias, gracias.
Hola, Andres! Hola!
How are you? I'm good,
I'm having a great time.
Yeah, it's fantastic here.
Mexico is one of the only countries that a sousaphone
player can still get laid in.
Oh yeah.
We'll show you some of the adventures I've had over
the past week, but first, I'm gonna attempt to tell you
some jokes en Español.
(audience cheering)
(audience laughing)
May God have mercy on me.
Please be kind, okay?
Are you ready for this?
Here we go. (audience cheering)
(audience laughing)
(audience laughing and cheering)
(laughs) I'm funnier in this language.
(audience booing)
(audience laughing)
We don't have sex.
(audience laughing)
(audience laughing)
(audience laughing)
(audience laughing)
(audience cheering)
(audience clapping)
(audience laughing)
That's how he got started, yeah.
(audience cheering)
I did it!
I did it!
I did it!
(audience cheering)
Andy, did you know what the hell I was talking about?
I never listen.
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Conan's "Made In Mexico" Monologue En Español

314 Folder Collection
Yen-Lin Sheng published on June 12, 2017
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