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Oh! I should have probably covered up this spot before I filmed a video!
Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel!
Are my lips a bit pale?
Ah well.
Oh! I thought that was a bit of hair. It's not, it's the corner of the bed.
Don't know why I'm in a really weird mood today.
Really weird.
*cutesy voice* Really weird!
In today's video I thought it would be nice
to share with you some the
erm, clothing bits and pieces that I've picked up recently, because...
spring is...has sprung.
Spring is here and I feel like there are so many
great clothes available
for all...for all!
I feel like this angle is a bit odd. Is it?
Oh I don't know! Why can't I do anything today?
And I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite
bits and pieces that I've picked up recently.
First one is actually this jumper. I love this colour.
It's, like, a purple-y...
oh! It's covered in dog hair.
I feel like dog hair is basically, like,
the accessory that goes with all my outfits.
Yeah, my earrings and, you know, necklace, and some dog hair.
Like, it's just become part of every outfit I wear which is just
pft! I mean, that's what having a dog is.
But also when you have a dog in spring,
they shed hair, or more hair than normal. Well, Nala does anyway.
So it's this jumper.
It's a small,
but it's actually from the men's section of Urban Outfitters, so I have, like, rolled the sleeves up and it says,
"Thank you" on your collarbone and the on the back,
it says, "Thank you Have a Nice Day"!
I just really like it. I'm loving, like, oversized jumpers at the moment, like,
ones you can roll the sleeves up,
and they're just, like, super baggy, and quite, like, 80s.
I just quite like it with some mom jeans.
I have got a lot of colour,
which is quite surprising because I feel like, in winter, I live in greys, whites, and black.
erm, there are so many, amazing, like, colourful
clothing items, and so my wardrobe has had a complete colour injection which I'm really happy about,
because I actually really love wearing colour. I think it brightens my mood.
Let's get started!
Urban Outfitters!
Erm, I actually went here the other day.
Oh! I left my purse in there.
Does anyone else do that? When you're paying at the checkout,
you can't be bothered to put your purse back in your handbag so you just
throw it in your bag. I mean, I wouldn't recommend it,
especially if you are shopping somewhere where there is quite a high chance of theft.
It's slightly more easy to take a purse out of your shopping bag, so, wouldn't advise it.
The first thing I got is this lemon yellow hoodie.
It's just plain,
but the thing that made me love it so much is: A) because it's yellow,
and I love it 'cause it just feels so spring,
but also it's so flippin' soft.
Ooh, and it's so soft inside. I love things like this.
Yeah. Loving it. It's actually by BDG.
That's the brand, which is actually the same brand of jeans I'm currently wearing.
A lemon hoodie.
I don't know when I'm gonna wear this, but it made me think of a Barbie.
So I got it!
It's a pink Malibu- is it Malibu?
Hawaii. Got a hair in my mouth.
Hawaii t-shirt. Short-sleeved, cropped,
It's got palm trees on it. I love it.
I can't wait for it to be, like, a little bit warmer so that you can, like,
bring out the crop tops again.
I mean, you can still wear them with high-waisted jeans, but...
And then I also- oh, this is the Malibu one.
I also got this jumper.
Again, I just flippin' love this colour.
It's a really lovely- like, look how lovely these colours all go together.
It's like pastels.
Again this is, like, an oversized jumper.
And it says "Take me to Malibu."
Yes! This is Asos.
Is that Asos? Or is that Topshop? That's Topshop.
First thing I picked up were these pyjamas. I don't need pyjamas.
Like, when do I ever need pyjamas? Let's be honest, 50% of my wardrobe is pyjamas.
But I do kind of love it. These were from New Look but I got them on Asos,
and it's just a short-sleeved t-shirt, but the sleeves are, like, frilly,
and it's cropped and it says "Weekend Vibes", and it has little...
erm, roses on it. I think it's very nice. It's very pretty.
And it comes with these little checked shorts
with a little red bow.
Erm, I also got these pyjamas, but I did the classic.
Thought it was a set. It wasn't a set, it was just the top,
so I also need to go back online and get the trousers.
But it's this, like, satin-y, I think these are River Island.
Yes. River Island.
Pink satin, short-sleeved pyjama top
with cactuses on it.
Anything that's pink with cactuses, I'm like, this needs to go straight in my basket.
Oh, look. It has, like, a little tie at the side. That's so cute.
Do need to get the trousers though.
How many times have you done that on Asos? I tend to do it quite a lot.
Erm, this is the first thing that doesn't have
very summer-y colours or spring-like colours, but it's a maxi dress.
And I just really liked it because it looked quite simple. Simple straps.
This is Vero Moda. They have some really nice things. I find a lot of items by them.
Erm, and it's just stripey all the way to the bottom.
So, maxi dress. This is the first maxi dress I've bought this year.
You know how much I love my maxi dresses.
This one I'm not sure about. It looked much nicer on the model,
but this is by...
Missguided, and its, like, a baby-doll poppy dress. It has, like, poppies on it.
Erm, it's long-sleeved, but the sleeves are, like,
is it...
How do you say that? It's, like, puffy at the end with, like, a tight bit. Bell?
Hmm, don't know.
Erm, and then it's quite short, but I thought it would look quite nice with sandals.
I haven't worn a dress so far this year, I don't think. Have I?
I must have done!
Maybe I haven't, you know. Erm, but I thought this was quite nice.
I like the flowers. I like that they're poppies.
Are they poppies? I think they are, I'm not sure.
Erm, and I like the blue,
I'm just not sure about the style.
But we'll see. We'll see what this looks like on.
*doorbell rings*
Argh! There's someone at the door.
The other thing I ordered was from the men's section again, and
this is actually something I took inspiration from my brother with.
He came to my house one day wearing this.
It's a pink oversized jumper that says "Out of Service".
And it has, like, a t-shirt...a fake t-Shirt...sewn in underneath it,
which I actually didn't realise. I thought that was legit my brother's t-shirt hanging out the bottom.
And I just really like...
the colour of the jumper. I'm, like, loving pink right now.
And again,
it's this whole oversized, roll up the sleeves, wear it with some nice, baggy
boyfriend style or mom jeans.
So, bought that one 'cause of you, Joe.
The next thing is black and white again,
but it's this really lovely cropped stripey jumper,
which I think, again, would just look nice.
It does seem a bit weird that I'm buying so many jumpers for spring/summer,
but, it's not, like, warm yet.
And I can't let go of the jumpers.
One thing I really like about this
is how wide the sleeves are. Look how chunky they are. I could fit, like, my neck in that.
From Topshop, I picked up these trousers.
I like these, like, 'smart' style trousers.
And these are in a navy blue and white gingham.
They're, like, rolled up at the bottom and they've got, like, this little frilly bit at the top.
I haven't actually tried these on yet. These are a size 6, but
they look quite wide
around the derriere area so we will soon see,
but I'm loving the idea of gingham trousers.
This dress is so cute.
This is such a lovely pattern, it's just this very simple-
are these called tea dresses? I'm not too sure.
But it's this very simple,
floaty, quite short, strappy dress
in this very pretty material with little buttons down the front.
I thought this would look quite nice with a white t-shirt underneath actually, and boots.
I also picked up this strappy top. It's a crop top,
and it's, like, frilly at the bottom. I just liked this because
I thought it would look lovely over high-waisted jeans and I like the colour.
It's very pretty, it's like a dusky pink.
It's very hot in here.
I need to open a window.
Just as I said, 'Why am I buying so many jumpers? It's not hot.'
I'm really hot.
Zara. As always, Zara has some great things.
Oh, this was from Asos. I thought this was Zara.
This is such a Zara-looking item.
This is Asos. This is River Island at Asos. And this is a little dress. Or is a playsuit?
It's a little playsuit-dress. Its one of those ones that looks like a dress but its actually a playsuit.
And I really like it.
It's got this big gaping hole at the back, which...
might be an issue if you wanna wear a bra.
Maybe it covers your bra strap, I'm not sure.
It's got bows on the arms, little buttons at the back,
and it just has this really lovely print with birds. *Nala barks*
That's enough of that.
Definitely need a much warmer day to wear that.
How cute is this little...
smocky crop top?
I love this!
It's so pretty. It's got like, big...
open sleeves. And you've got leaves on there, *Nala barks*
like, embroidered leaves. Ah. Nala!
I'm trying to film a video.
Yes. *bark* Ah!
This is very Zara.
What's your problem?
You wanna go outside?
Come on then.
Where was I?
Zara. I also picked up this dress.
Ooh. Excuse the dog barking.
I also picked up this dress. This is very girly,
but i think this will look really nice with sandals. Or..
or boots actually.
Erm, it reminds me of, like,
a tiered cake. Look, it's got, like, different tiers.
I love it.
Erm, and again, very pretty little sleeves, and embroidery, and flowers,
and it's just very pretty.
I also got this, which I'm not sure about.
I think I was feeling very brave. It's, like, a faux leather...
jacket. And it's kind of cropped, and it's pink,
and it has this, like, stripey inside bit.
But I love the colour. It's like a really lovely baby, like, bubblegum Barbie pink.
It's just finding the right thing to wear this with, I think,
because it does feel quite stiff still.
Erm, that's my only, kind of, vice with leather jackets, I think.
I love them when they go a bit more soft,
and they're a bit more, like, slouchy, but when they're still quite new and hard,
I feel like they look very formal on me, which isn't the vibe I'm going for when I get a leather jacket.
I'm gonna sneeze.
Bless me.
But yeah, I really like that, and it's really summery and, like, pretty, so...
Ooh, do you know what I think that might look quite nice over?
The black and grey, stripey...
uh, maxi dress.
Another thing I picked up from Zara,
erm, I did a shoot recently, and the stylist had these trousers.
Bright yellow,
like, awkward length,
what are these called? Like plasio, are they plasio if they're cropped?
She had these, and I wore these on the shoot, and I loved them.
They're so much fun. And they're so comfy to wear,
and actually, even though they're, like, an awkward length, they're, like, cropped,
I think they're quite flattering. On me, anyway. I quite like this length.
And I wore this with a really cute, like, crop top.
But I decided to order them,
because I really, really liked them. And...
I also got them in plain black, which are now in the wash,
and this colour.
The stripes.
Black, red and white.
I feel like they just go with everything, they're comfy, they're great for this time of year, because
they offer coverage but they're quite floaty so you don't get too hot,
which is why I really, really like them. And I just think they look very flattering.
The last thing I've got is actually something I haven't opened yet.
I got sent a couple of t-shirts from Joanie.
I was actually wearing one in my last video. It said "French fries" on it.
And because I loved them so much, I went on the website and ordered some more.
Here are two more things.
This one, ooh it's so soft. It's like a jumper and it says "Maybe baby."
Love that.
I swear, like, Aries horoscope or something,
erm, always says that an Aries looks good in red.
I just remember reading it when I was younger and being like, 'I don't wear enough red and apparently I look great in red.'
So I bought some red. Not because of that, but it just made me think of it which is funny .
And it says "Stupid cupid". Ooh, these jumpers, I can't even tell you.
They're so soft. They feel so lovely
But yeah. I really like that.
Cool. Do you know what this would look quite nice with?
These trousers.
I like that as an outfit.
So, those are a few of the clothing bits and pieces I have picked up recently.
I hope you enjoyed that or it gave you some inspiration, or,
encouraged you to inject a little bit of colour into your wardrobe.
Give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I'll see you again very soon!
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Spring Clothing Haul | Zoella

434 Folder Collection
AmyLin published on June 10, 2017
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