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  • Pirates had infected the seas for generations.

  • So I vowed to eliminate them all.

  • But then,

  • there was this boy...

  • Jack Sparrow.

  • Follow him in!

  • He took everything from me.

  • and filled me with...

  • Rage.

  • - The dead have taken command of the sea.

  • They're searching for a Pearl,

  • a girl,

  • and a Sparrow.

  • - I have heard stories

  • of a mighty Spanish Captain

  • who sunk and killed thousands of men...

  • - No, no, no, no! Men? No.

  • No, no, no, no. Pirates!

  • - Pirates.

  • I once knew a Spaniard named... Something-in-Spanish.

  • - He's coming for you, Jack.

  • Where is your ship? Your crew?

  • Your pants?

  • Jack!

  • - I'm so sorry, were you still talking?

  • - There's nowhere to hide.

  • Find Sparrow for me.

  • - From this moment on, we are to be allies!

  • - Considering where your left hand is, I'd say we're more than that!

  • - Ugh..! Monkey!

  • - I'm not looking for trouble!

  • - What a horrible way to live!

  • - You will pay for what you did to me.

  • - The men on that ship are looking for Jack.

  • So, I'm going to swim for it. - Carina, stop this!

  • - No, no, don't stop it! - This has gone far enough!

  • - No, it has not!

  • - I saw her ankles!

  • - You'd have seen a lot more if you'd kept your cake hole shut.

Pirates had infected the seas for generations.

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