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  • Interns, interns, it's not... it's not what you're going to learn this summer.

  • As a matter of fact, 94% of you are gonna take jobs where they're gonna teach you dumbass shit or stuff that you already know.

  • They are... they're mailing in their internships.

  • Interns, it's not about what you're going to learn this summer, my friends,

  • it's going to be who you meet.

  • Please understand as you go into this internship,

  • maximize networking, shake hands, kiss babies.

  • If you're a wallflower, don't even do internships.

  • Like... like... not the classic way, like... like... obviously, you have a skill to learn.

  • You're lucky enough to be a developer or something like that but fine.

  • But like if you're an intern,

  • please understand it is the human connections that you're gonna make.

  • Way too many people roll in and think they're going to learn something about advertising or marketing or media or startups.

  • You're not. You're just not.

  • You're not. Just saving you time.

  • And if you do, it's just this much.

  • It's 3% of the equation.

  • Please attack the other 97.

  • Go to every after hours event.

  • Say hello to everybody.

  • If you go into an office where everybody's head down,

  • it's not that kind of culture,

  • figure it out. Hack it.

  • Be the obnoxious intern that was too bubbly.

  • And make sure you attach yourself,

  • even if you go into an office, law firm,

  • where everybody is head down,

  • if you see that one person that looks up and gives you a glimmer of people skills,

  • Attach yourself to that person. Let them bring you to things.

  • Interns, use this time wisely.

  • Way too many of you go in and you think you're gonna get something.

  • And in reality, the magic was sitting right in front of you.

  • And the punchline, my friends, is it's the people.

  • It's the people. It's the people that you meet in that office that go work somewhere else,

  • that are reminded by your hustle and tenacity and good natureness

  • and offense and you went for it, you attached for it, you wanted it

  • and... and they're the ones that give you the opportunities.

  • This is a very simple world. This is a people world.

  • Not the black and white skills you learned this summer in eight weeks.

  • Half of you are going to get coffee and do dumb shit, 'cause they disrespected you, inappropriately.

  • So please, even if you are in that 50% that's getting dumb shit and coffees and things of that nature, say hello.

  • Drop a coffee off to somebody and they've got a Cardinals pennant

  • and you know something about the Cardinals, say something.

  • Say something about Adam Wainwright.

  • Create relationships. It is the only KPI.

  • It is the only ROI of an internship.

Interns, interns, it's not... it's not what you're going to learn this summer.

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