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Welcome to Cologne.
After a relaxing stay in Amsterdam,
we decided to do a quick stopover in Cologne.
From Amsterdam to Cologne
it was roughly 2 hours 40 minutes by train.
We just got off the train at Cologne
This is one of the cities I've been looking forward to
because of the cathedral.
And we're just walking out of the station
and we should see the cathedral right away as soon as we step out.
Can't Wait!
Just arrived in Cologne and literally just stepped into this room
so I'll show you guys this before it get messed up this time.
So this is Hotel Engelbertz
in Cologne.
It's really convenient!
Right outside is the main strip with all the shops and everything.
And it's really close to the station,
about an 8 minute walk.
So, right through the front door we have a sofa bed - single bed.
And that's for Jenny.
And then,
we have a double bed over here.
And this is the bathroom.
Looks pretty clean.
And we have a little TV.
A cupboard to store stuff.
Here we have a window
let's see what our view is.
So our view is of a cafe.
And then there's a heater for winter.
And on this side we have another window
of the shops.
It seems pretty good.
Anton was saying that
it seems like every single room we get
gets more and more like a nursing home.
A: Getting old... W: *laughs*
Here, look at him,
he's all run down now.
Cologne was so laid-back and relaxing
Every person that we met,
was so friendly and helpful
that is was hard to not fall in love with this city.
I think the most iconic building in the city
would have to be the Cologne cathedral
or dom.
I first came across this cathedral
in a documentary I was watching
and straight away
I turned to Anton and I said:
"We have to add this to our itinerary."
Entry to the cathedral is free
so make sure you check it out.
So when travelling, be prepared, to catch the wrong train
'cos you're bound to do it.
Which we've just done.
Um...it's bound to happen
when you don't know the language
and um...
when you look at the board and you have absolutely no idea what it says.
We hopped on the train, but then someone helped us,
told us to get off
and so we're just waiting for the next train right now.
We're currently in Cologne, Germany.
I haven't had the chance to really explain much
because we've just been so run down and tired.
But, today it's raining
and I managed to get a few shots of the cathedral
and we went on a walking tour yesterday which was really interesting.
Pondering life...
on the German train.
A: "What will I eat today?"
"What has the world got in store for me?"
W: Pondering life...
as a Pokemon master.
A: Oh, I wish I was.
We didn't spend long in Cologne
but it made a really good stopover
between Amsterdam and Berlin.
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe.
And for more travel inspiration,
find me on Instagram and Facebook.
See you in the next video.
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TRAVEL VLOG #12: Snippets of Cologne - One of the MOST BEAUTIFUL cathedrals in Europe!

1126 Folder Collection
Winny Luong published on June 4, 2017
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