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  • In a Moment of Vision...

  • It's the 1930s, San Francisco.

  • Joseph B. Friedman and his young daughter Judith

  • are sitting at the counter in a soda parlor.

  • Judith has just ordered a milkshake.

  • Vanilla or strawberry, we may never know.

  • When the milkshake arrives, Joseph watches as little Judith struggles.

  • Seated on the parlor stool,

  • she is unable to reach the mouth of the striped paper straw protruding from her shake.

  • Joseph, in a moment of vision, modifies Judith's straw.

  • He inserts a screw into one end,

  • and using a piece of dental floss,

  • crushes the paper between the threads of the screw

  • creating a series of tiny equidistant corrugations.

  • After removing the screw,

  • the straw is able to bend over the side of the glass

  • and Judith is able to savor her milkshake.

  • Joseph initially markets the new flexible straw

  • to hospitals to help patients drink while reclining,

  • but eventually, with the marketing and business savvy from his sister Betty,

  • the bendy straw becomes a beloved utensil of every child

  • and a regular household item.

In a Moment of Vision...

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【TED-Ed】How the bendy straw was invented | Moments of Vision 12 - Jessica Oreck

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