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Engineering is where science, design and the real world collide.
It’s where solutions to major world issues are pioneered and lives are improved.
Studying engineering at UTS makes you part of that solution.
The UTS: Bachelor of Engineering lets you study a variety of engineering fields...
And we work with industry to adapt our courses to meet the demands of the ever-changing engineering
world. From: smart structures to big data and artificial
A UTS Engineering degree provides you with practical, hands-on learning…
That includes two 6-month internships — making our graduates highly sought after.
With some students continuing on at these companies while they finish their degrees
and into their careers.
We have over 1000 industry connections, linking our students with some of the best in the
business. In fact, graduates from the UTS Bachelor of
Engineering, Diploma of Professional Practice have an employment rate of over 80% — well
above the national average.
Even our building represents the ‘Engineering’ we believe in.
Design driven and innovative, it has the capacity to produce 20% of its own energy.
Nicknamed the “cheese grater” — it’s the faculty’s new home, located near Sydney’s
central station.
UTS Engineering is about teaching, learning and ground-breaking research, improving the
world we live in. Like our mind controlled wheelchair, shark
detection drones or our harbour bridge cleaning robots.
As for future entrepreneurs, our UTS Hatchery will help you kick off your big idea.
And for the intrepid… We offer global exchange in over 40 countries
As well as short-term humanitarian programs, where students apply engineering solutions
to improve overseas communities.
Practical, forward-thinking and industry-focused…. That’s UTS Engineering.
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Study Engineering at UTS

597 Folder Collection
ben published on May 29, 2017
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