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Over the last two weeks we asked you guys to send us questions...
...for each of the characters to answer...
Some of them were good.
And some of them were a little strange.
We couldn't answer them all so we picked out some of the best ones and answered them.
What are you talking about? We have women! Look, this is my wife.
It is?!... One second...
...There I fixed it!
eurh...mumble...bumble...aye dunno!
Would you like to trade?
Only when I'm angry.
The real question is, 'How much would you pay me' to persuade him otherwise
Try rebooting the system without the harddrive and optical drive connected.
Also, remove all but one RAM chip.
- Dude! You're meant to be dumb!
Ohhhh...Err....I don't know!
Yeah!...I have long eyelashes.
Errm...yes...Yes it is!
What?! You mean you don't have a phone?...
...how else are you gonna get Element Animation's Official App?
Non pajou tu!
(VERY DEEP VOICE) I sound like this.
Yes! I remember it well...
It's horrible, why won't it stop!?
Err... like this...
Well, that's it guys!
If you want to be in the next Ask Element Anything...
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and get your question shown in our video
And also download our app. If you lick it, it tastes like strawberries!
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2467 Folder Collection
CJFXDBK published on May 25, 2017
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