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Don Mattrick takes over as CEO of Zynga, Minecraft update 1.6 FINALLY gets released, Battlefield
3 goes free for PlayStation Plus members, and more! Hey guys, Jess here! And this is
the Curse Weekly Roundup.
FIrst up, earlier this week Zynga founder Mark Pincus stepped down as CEO in favor of
Microsoft's Don Mattrick. Apparently Mattrick was the only person Zynga had considered for
the position, and the company hopes that his prior success with Xbox revolutionizing the
console game market will be able to improve Zynga's current situation.
Next, Mojang has FINALLY released Minecraft update 1.6, aka the horse update. We've been
expecting this for MONTHS, with no word on a release date until now. However apparently
Minecraft now requires use of Mojang's new launcher - it's in sort of a beta right now,
so there might be bugs - but at least there are horses! As well as donkeys, mules, horse
armor, leashes for wolves, dogs, and other animals, and a ton of other changes, check
out for a listing of all the changes!
Moving on, Playstation kicked off their Summer Blast 2013 sale, as well as an update to the
PS Store. As part of this, Battlefield 3 is free to download for PS Plus members, which
is of course a great savings off its normal price of $39.99. THere are also tons of other
free games this month for PS Plus subscribers, so we'll post a link to the official playstation
blog in the video description so you can read all about that. many of you are gonna
subscribe to PlayStation Plus just to pick up free games?
And finally, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One WILL be able to scan QR codes!
What started as an image macro turned into the real thing - someone on reddit posted
a picture of the kinect, saying "if you're going to require this thing, then at least
give us this option to enter our 15 codes that come with new games!" alongside a picture
of a QR code. Xbox's corporate VP Marc Whitten responded on TWitter saying "to my reddit
friends - yup, this works!" So, another example of Microsoft actually listening ot fans, I
That's all for this week - but be sure to subscribe if you haven't already, and give
this video a thumbs up for more gaming news! Thanks for watching, enjoy the game.
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Weekly Roundup 7-5-13 - Minecraft 1.6, Free Battlefield 3 with PS Plus, Xbox One QR codes, & more

1063 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on July 8, 2013
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