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May 17th is in the books on Wall Street, it has been a bruising day for stock markets.
As reported President Donald Trump is to interfere in an FBI investigation were digested by investors.
Major indices all experienced their biggest one day declines since US election,
and the CBOE's VIX index, a measure of implied volatility in US equity market so hits biggest one-day rise since September 2016.
The defensive stock out-performed with utilities and real estate, the only sectors in the S&P 500 to end the day with gains.
Financials trailed the border index way down by declining longer dated treasury yields.
The difference between the two-year treasury yield and ten-year treasury yield fell a level since last seen before the US election.
A sign at the prospect at the the steep yield curve predicated on higher growth and inflation expectations has abated,
the US dollar fell sharply falling to pre-election levels and go soared experiencing best day since the UK voted to leave the EU.
As investors favored haven assets.
And that's the New York Minute.
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Bruising day for US stocks

111 Folder Collection
Mii Wei published on May 24, 2017    Mii Wei translated    Hsin reviewed
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