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  • Aye yah!

  • -One more time. Ready? Aye Yah! -Aye Yah!

  • Harder, ok?

  • -Aye yah! -Aye yah!

  • (foreign language)

  • Let's see.

  • (foreign language)

  • -Fighting stance. Shout! Aye yah! -Aye yah!

  • Okay.

  • Aye yah!

  • Break it and shout. Ready? Go!

  • Aye yah, aye yah, aye yah!

  • One leg. One leg. Only one leg, okay? Ready? Go!

  • Aye yah!

  • This way. Aye yah!

  • Aye yah!

  • Okay. Right leg. Ready? Go!

  • Aye yah!

  • No. Right leg. Go!

  • Aye yah!

  • One more time. Power!

  • Aye yah, aye yah!

  • No. One more time. Uh-uh you're not going to get your belt unless you break it!

  • Fighting stance. Follow me: Aye yah! Ready? Go!

  • Aye yah!

  • One more time! Kick over here. Go!

  • Aye yah!

  • Ready? One more time. Go!

  • Aye yah!

  • One more time. Ready? Go!

  • Aye yah!

  • Wow!

  • Okay... (foreign language) ...Don't move.

  • Hands up!

  • Now you have your white belt. (foreign language)...Don't move,

  • or else we're going to get the white belt back.

  • (foreign language) ...Bow. Congratulations!

Aye yah!

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Little Boy Trying To Break Board In Taekwondo

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    missnerdypants posted on 2017/05/23
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