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It is estimated that forty five thousand years ago the aboriginals emigrated
from Africa to Australia. The aboriginal tribes
who settled in land, lived by hunting and gathering.
The Australian Aboriginal people
develop musical instruments suggest that didjeridoo,
which is a national symbol and is still used today.
They inhabited it in the Kakadu National Park.
They were experts in seeking out water and other supplies to live. Today
more than half of all aboriginals live in towns, often
on the outskirts of Australia in terrible conditions. Many others
work as labourers on Cattle ranches that have taken
over their land.
Australia was initially thought-out
as the southland filled with gold. The Dutch
were the first to arrive to Australia led by Willem Jensen
in 1606. Between 1606
and 1770 about fifty-four European ships
landed on Australia. In 1769
David Cook a British navigator headed to New Zealand
he then sailed across Australian's eastern coast
and in 1770 claimed it for Britain
and named it the New South Wales.
During the European colonization the aboriginals
suffered. They were driven from their land and killed with unfamiliar diseases.
They faced risk of starvation because they were nomadic hunters
and the surviving became slaves. Because of the overcrowded jails
in Britian, the british sent ex-convicts to claim Australia.
In 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip
and his navy arrived to Australia.They settled at Camp Cove and
established the first British colony. George
Vancouver claimed the Albany region in 1791.
Australia is part of a Commonwealth Realm
or group of independent countries with the same interests
that share Queen Elizabeth II as their queen.
In 1901 the six former British colonies in Australia
agreed to confederate so they formed the Commonwealth of Australia and its first
federal government. Australia always had and still has a federal
parliamentary democracy. The federal
parliamentary democracy is influenced by the republican government
and Britian's government but is also depends on the parliament
and the Queen. Ethnocentrism
is the belief of superiority in your own ethnic group. It is presented in
Australia because
the British were very ethnocentric. They thought that they were superior to
the indigenous people and that's why they had to take over and kill all the
Before the arrival of the European,
the Aboriginal of people of Australia lived in caves
or created temporal semi-circular structures made out of timber
and had bark roofs. AQUIIII time passed you think you're lso asking us to your
changed after the ambiance to mom yet effective I strongly influence
-2 employment and will include
following the i've seen and mangum
now importantly see hi
the Sydney Opera House
the most important holiday he
yesterday having that revision of ninety sing the tonys accept any
began early in the nineteenth century unless the name 1788
on Capp thing Arthur Phillips come under UHV depressed me from the great brand
and the first governor of New South Wales arrived at Sydney calls
everything on the Union Flag simple life
British occupation of eastern half of the content
surfing is one of the main sports practice and Australia
it is that the surfing in Australia started in the 1770s
says the way for calls are ideal people from all over the world come to
Australia just to enjoy the sport
will be for buses for originated from United it was clear yesterday
this is the 18th place but the rule for officially written down
in the 1840s it is just so popular sport
first %uh
Australian slang referred to the native snacks that Aboriginal issues to eat and
eat today some traditional bustracker plates are
went down and crab cakes with mango papaya salsa
of for kangaroo is not only yesterday is an impossible
it is also a traditional dinner plates are the cross it me
the rule is served in many different ways
in pizza as after they Ralph
and the sub tar tar
the Australian meat pie basically consists a handset spacey field with
mince meat and gravy
this pie was first originated among the British
early settlers anguish that came out to Australia already have their own privacy
yes but the estate is developed and about the
idea creating the me fight I was always part of the English teaching
this is one of the most consumed dishes in Australia
the Great Barrier Reef
located in Queens that and one on the seven natural wonders of the world
is one of the main tourist attractions in Australia australia is a country with
amazingly rich in culture
extensive natural wonders open spaces
extraordinary beaches in cosmopolitan cities
rooted in Africa have played a major role
into the development of Australia but is undeniably
its own country today and
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Australia's History and Culture

488 Folder Collection
Christal Ya Hui Yang published on May 22, 2017
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