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  • Hello! Hi guys

  • We just realized that we are super stupid

  • because we just went to the shopping mall

  • right now it's not even 17:00

  • but everything is closed

  • and they only let us come here

  • because we parked the car

  • and we have to pay for the parking

  • yes

  • and I see some other people, they are just kicked out from this shopping mall

  • there's actually totally no one here

  • and they just block all the entrance to other places

  • so stupid

  • and now we are blocked

  • anyways right now we're trying to find some trash food

  • so we can go through the whole party

  • yesterday we wanted to buy this food

  • just yesterday

  • but we were too lazy

  • you can still see few people there

  • like...1

  • but it really feels so empty

  • it's one of the biggest shopping mall in Poland

  • but the center looks very, very beautiful

  • palace of culture

  • and plac Defilad

  • anyways we will see you at home

  • we are hoping that the McDonald's near the train station will be open

  • I hope

  • wait wait wait

  • if we...

  • if we go out, so we can't come in

  • ah ok, if we go out, so we can't take the car

  • what! we have to pay 6zl (for 30 minutes)

  • Matuś

  • Happy new year

  • Palace of culture!

  • and Matuś san

  • oh towers

  • so stupid

  • finally we found McDonald's

  • we went to the one in centrum

  • many many people

  • we waited for like... 40 mins

  • now everything is ready

  • just have to go home

  • oh there is a limo

  • go home, walk the dog

  • and... start the party!

  • let's go

  • ah what's this?

  • right now is...

  • 4hrs to go to new year

  • now we're going to walk the Frog

  • happy new year

  • happy new year!

  • why so sleepy? Froggie

  • get up

  • get up

  • anyways

  • so se you in next few hours

  • so cute

  • 3 mins to go

  • Jesus, it's like war

  • Happy New Year!

  • Happy new year!

Hello! Hi guys

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