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  • game : defend the bomb

  • mhmm... quite far away ~ 70 meters

  • lets try a shot

  • ( :

  • no opponents left

  • time to change my position

  • missed

  • damn tree...

  • missed

  • Now they know where I am

  • first one

  • second one

  • should be safe again

  • ...

  • the goal is to defend frank while he should reach different checkpoints

  • frank is equipped with an highcap AEG and a 40mm grenade

  • ~75 meters

  • I hate these twigs...

  • and again...

  • on the way to the final checkpoint

  • if we reach the last checkpoint our team gets free BBQ from the organizers ( :

  • I' going to check the right flank for an ambush

  • who dares to shoot at Frank

  • BBQ ( :

  • teams changed

  • now we have to attack Frank

  • the airsoftgun of the right guy safed the other guy...

  • the UN-man...

  • we need to get him before he repairs the tank again

  • time to look for Frank

  • there are 6 aluminium foil circles attached to the tank

  • if all of them are damaged the tank is broken

  • there he is

  • time for a bit kamikaze

  • I'm hit

  • thanks to the ASCW for organizing the game!

game : defend the bomb

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