A2 Basic UK 1988 Folder Collection
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She is the job.
She is the esscence of your duty.
Loving her...
Protecting her...
When the death of The King...
was announced to us yesterday morning,
there struck deep and somber note in our lives,
which resounded far and wide.
The King was greatly loved by all of his peoples.
The greatest shocks ever felt by this island fell upon us in his reign.
The late king,
who assumed the heavy burden of The Crown,
lived through every minute of this struggle.
God save the king.
In the end,
death came as a friend.
This new Elizabethan age...
comes at a time when mankind stands on the edge of catastrophe.
May well fell the thrill in invoking once more...
the prayer and anthem,
God Save The Queen.
God Save The Queen!
What kind of marriage is this?
What kind of family?
You have taken my career from me, you've taken my home, you've taken my name.
I thought we were in this together.
Never let them see the real Elizabeth Windsor.
Let them look at you...
but let them see only the eternal.
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The Crown | Eternal

1988 Folder Collection
Sleepycat Chong published on May 16, 2017
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