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  • Forget Japanese waters, headlines worry about North Korea and Hawaii.

  • South Korea has their own two cents to add over the assassination of Kim Jong-un’s

  • half brother at Kuala Lumpur International.

  • China says that North Korea and the US are like two trains headed on a collision course.

  • China has a kind ofplanto bring the US and North Korea together, but the US won’t

  • make concessions for obeying a UN resolution and there is no mention of China cutting off

  • its supply.

  • It seems China wants to be thegreat reconciler”, but the rift is too far between East and West.

  • Japan’s answer is to strike first.

  • Taiwan may be able to make its own response.

  • This week, the US handed off two Perry-class frigates to Taiwan.

  • Taiwanese naval officers will learn how to operate the frigates from the US Navy and

  • the ships should set sail in May.

  • This is a very interesting development since President-elect Trump received a phone call

  • from President Tsai, and since the US still has yet to deliver on several military sales,

  • especially F-16s, that closed during the terms of former Presidents Obama and Ma.

  • China’s response to events this week is two-fold.

  • An editorial with a persuasive tone appeared in China’s state-run Global Times, arguing

  • that India would help itself more if it cooperated with Chinese strategies rather than Japanese

  • and US strategies.

  • Xi Jinping also underlined and emphasized China’s great need to catch up on technology.

  • This comes in the wake of the coming American Lockheed Martin F-35 “Lightning IIfighter

  • jet and the US Navy’s new electromagnetically trajected railgun.

  • China’s response is both telling and predicting.

  • While China has made advances, both in approaching Tomahawk cruise missile technology and in

  • nearing the completion of its first home made aircraft carrier (reverse engineered from

  • a Soviet era carrier), China still feels claustrophobic.

  • Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and India, not to mention the distant-yet-present US are

  • all naval forces too close to China’s back yard.

  • Xi feels thesqueeze”.

  • China is in a tight spot.

  • President Xi also revisited his long-standing mission of countering squander and corruption

  • within the Communist Party.

  • By underlining the points he did, he seems to be vying for equity and credit.

  • Doesn’t China’s leader have enough credibility or does Xi know something the West doesn’t?

  • Regardlessly, the greater wild card is India.

  • China believes that India is on the fence and is open to persuasionand China is correct.

  • Soon, India will feel its own squeeze.

  • The question, then, will be whether India feels inclined to side with China rather than

  • forces farther to its east or if India will decide to reverse engineer Western technology

  • write persuasive editorials of its own.

Forget Japanese waters, headlines worry about North Korea and Hawaii.

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Cadence Editorial: March 13, 2017 | Symphony

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    Jesse Steele posted on 2017/05/16
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