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  • [Friend] I don't know, what do you think?

  • Should I text him?

  • Yeah, he's probably changed.

  • Right, he's definitely changed.

  • [Best Friend] Don't text him.

  • What?

  • Do you want guacamole?

  • Yes, I always want guacamole.

  • We'll get guac. What are your guac options?

  • Who are you yelling at?

  • There's no service in this place.

  • Do you like this shirt?

  • Yeah, it's super cute.

  • No, I told you I didn't like it when you bought it.

  • I should have got the other one.

  • You should have, I told you.

  • My chin just looks so weird in pictures.

  • I felt that way about mine too.

  • Don't have insecurities.

  • Fine.

  • That really hurt.

  • I'm sorry.

  • Here you go.

  • Didn't you order white?

  • Yeah, but it's okay.

  • Excuse me?

  • My friend ordered white wine.

  • Quinta, it's fine.

  • I'm sorry are you colorblind?

  • It's fine.

  • Because that's not progressive.

  • No, it's fine.

  • Let me tell you about a little someone I like to call Martin Luther King.

  • He didn't text me back.

  • Oh, he's probably just busy.

  • I told you so, I told you so, I told you so.

  • No, he's different, he's different.

  • Can I borrow your lipgloss?

  • Oh, I get kind of weird about sharing.

  • Yeah, yeah, totally.

  • Yeah, hold on

  • Ooh, I love this color.

  • You should, it's yours.

  • What?

  • Yeah.

  • Is this the one I lent you two months ago?

  • Where's our guacamole?

  • Where's the guac?

  • Excuse me, wait?

  • I'm going to talk to her about the civil rights movement, about America.

  • One second.

  • Excuse me?

  • Hey, let me tell you something about Dr. Martin Luther King in the older times.

[Friend] I don't know, what do you think?

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Friend Vs. Best Friend

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    Viola posted on 2020/12/04
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