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Kim Kardashian is an American reality
television personality, socialite, actress,
businesswoman and model. She and her
family began to appear in the E!'ss reality
television series Keeping Up with the
Kardashians in 2008. Its success soon led
to the creation of spin-offs including
Kourtney and Kim Take New York and
Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami in
addition to various business ventures.
Kardashian's personal life soon became
subject to widespread media attention.
Kardashian will make a cameo appearance
in Ocean's Eight set for release on June 8,
2018. How many kids does Kim Kardashian
have? She has two kids. Kardashian began
dating American rapper and longtime
friend Kanye West in April 2012, while
still legally married to Humphries. Her
divorce was finalized on June 3, 2013, while
Kardashian gave birth to her first child
with West, daughter North West, on June 15,
2013. Kardashian and West became engaged
on October 21, Kardashian's 33rd
birthday and married on May
24, 2014 at Fort di Belvedere
in Florence, Italy. Kardashian gave birth
to her second child, son Saint West on
December 5, 2015. The couple's high
status and respective careers have
resulted in their relationship becoming
subject to heavy media coverage; The New
York Times referred to their marriage as "a
historic blizzard of celebrity".
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How many kids does Kim Kardashian have? | HMP

779 Folder Collection
EZ Wang published on May 15, 2017
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