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Not again!
Thank you!
Hi guys! It's me!
I'm here in sunny London.
That's British sarcasm there.
It's extremely cold today.
But, I wanted to talk to you about some of the common British expressions
that I hear and use more or less every day.
So, let's get started!
So, the first one is 'All right?'
And this really means 'Hello, how are you?'
Some people get confused and think it means
'Is everything ok?'
Really, it's a very general question.
It's a nice way of greeting somebody.
So if you hear someone in the street say
'All right?' you can say 'Yeah, how are you?'
as a response.
Ok, so the next one is 'I'm easy,'
and this would be something you use when
somebody asks you to make a decision
and you don't really mind.
Would you prefer Italian or Chinese food tonight?
Mm... I'm easy.
It means 'I don't really mind.'
Ok, the next one is 'on about,'
and this means 'talking about.'
Ok? So if I say 'What's he on about?'
I'm really saying 'what's he talking about?'
Ok? It can be used quite negatively, so if someones talking too much,
you could say 'what's he on about?'
So, my personal favourite of this list is
'Bob's your uncle!'
And this, if you're not familiar with the phrase,
may sound ridiculous, and it is!
Err...we're a little bit crazy here in the UK
But 'Bob's your uncle' is a phrase we use
to conclude a set of instructions.
Like, for example, making a cup of tea!
You need to boil the water.
You need to add it to a cup.
You need to add a tea bag.
You need to let it brew.
You then need to take the teabag out,
and then add some milk
and sugar to taste,
and then...
Bob's your uncle! You've made a cup of tea!
Ok, so this last one 'easy peasy'
is something I used to say quite a lot when I was a child.
But I might still say it every now and again.
this mean's that something is really easy.
The full rhyme is 'easy peasy lemon squeezy.'
I don't recommend that you use this phrase in a job interview.
But, for general fun and general conversation,
it's absolutely fine.
So, how was the exam?
It was easy peasy!
And then if you really want to go for it..
It was easy peasy, lemon squeezy.
Thank you for watching this short and fun little lesson today.
Try and use these phrases that I've taught you at some point today
and see the kind of reactions that you'll get from your English teachers!
If you like my videos then subscribe to my channel,
and also 'like' my Facebook page which should be here.
And I hope to see you very soon! Bye bye!
If you didn't know I'm [email protected]#$%^& :P
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5 Common British English Expressions!

32952 Folder Collection
Justin Chan published on September 21, 2017    Crystal Wu translated    Ann reviewed
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