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  • this is the sand painting

  • so as you can see here

  • you just have to pick it off, the sticker

  • and then you put on the sand that you want

  • I'm gonna add the sky

  • what so funny?

  • nothing

  • mine is cute, look at mine

  • rabbits from hell

  • no they are not from hell

  • they are cute

  • only the mushroom has some problems

  • looks like he's on high so much

  • it's true

  • look at Sanna's, her painting looks very nice

  • yea

  • it's my painting

  • there's the owner

  • just looking somewhere

  • so this is the game that we used to play when we were kids

  • and we always come to this park

  • just to play it

  • it's really fun

  • and we still collect them and keep them at home till now

  • you can play some music

  • and make it very romantic

  • you look like you're doing drugs

  • effect maker

  • so romantic

  • Staff: Should I upgrade the coffee into Americano?

  • no milk no sugar, but it tastes good

  • ok

  • you want beef? or pork?

  • beef

  • we want one more burger

  • hello everyone

  • we're in...

  • Taichiung, and as Matus always like big towers

  • so take a look at that...

  • it's one of the living blocks

  • also living blocks

  • and over there, the red bricks building

  • it's Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi

  • our shopping mall

  • department store

  • and this...

  • is the Taichiung theatre

  • and this is me

  • MatSan

  • MatSan in Taiwan

  • Taiwan

  • and my sister, my mom, my doggie

  • my dad is on the way

  • the dad is looking for the parking space

  • because it's a big city

  • and there's no parking space (?)

  • big city life yoyo

  • so this is it

  • looks very nice

  • yea it's my first time coming here

  • so in love with the towers

  • it's one of our very popular old song

  • it's our anniversary

  • yes, three years anniversary

  • so close, my face is so big

  • 3 years of anniversary in Taichiung

  • happy anniversary!

  • the water comes out very smoothly

  • this tea is pretty hot actualy

  • very hot

  • it's fine

  • different smell

  • smells different

  • yea different

  • it's pretty much like "milky smell"

  • it got a bit of milky smell

  • the top looks like this, it's just my personal habit

  • oh really

  • the cup is so hot!

  • too hot to stop and hold it in my hand

this is the sand painting

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