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"I'm a proud LSD user and this guy comes tryna make a bliss and tryna make it ignorant" you
Trying things love
Suck a dick nobody gives a fuck about what you do
It doesnt matter
Yea im trying things
You tried it too
you know how you going to knock someone in
the world for actually trying to do something
Since when has it become not cool to try
Fucking loser hehe
Matta fact suck another dick
Wassup y'all this is The People vs. A$ap Rocky and you watching Noisey
"Miister00: This music video reminds me a bit of the movie 'Enter the Void'"
Miister00 you are correcto, correcto mondo for the simple fact
this whole video was inspired by 'Enter the Void'
Dexter put me on to the movie years back
It was crazy
I think that it's either you like it or you don't
When you watch it, its like, either you had a good trip or you had a bad trip
It's an experience
Im musically giving you LSD, visually, sonically, artistically, its very real
Kyle Lewis
"This hurt my eyes man just like that blue and gold dress talk it was blue tho lol"
That dress is definitely like four colors
Fuck ya eyes
Charles Manson
Do not watch if you have a history of seizures
111Thomas 1111 I said this before and I say it again
A$AP Rocky has the potential of becoming this generation his Tupic Amaru Shakur
Thank you Thomas
Tupac is definitely you know... one of my, my idols
There will never be another pac
Nobody Nothing like em
Nothing close to it
Just him
But thank you
Nichotis not familiar with A$AP
who's the girl that chick is you
she runs the the the brand in the clothing company and bushes Japanese
with her husband verbal I just think I think she's beautiful so I
one half of this part
wales tick
I don't even like that name
I'm gonna come clean
Whalestick a hallucination or symbolism of LSD
it's actually both love sex dream is just using love as a metaphor for a drug and
sex and you know dreaming and fantasizing
it's life that's all romantic kind of shit. I'm not really good will romance so
you know that's my way
spread my love
jules jules jules
or "joo-ls" what fucking shit wait to try to jump on an electric electronic band wagon
go do whatever to get more money right
What the fuck are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
what electronic, what are you talking about?
shut the fuck up
what's your name... jules jules jules
[Exasperated sigh]
Jeremy parrot the question is how was filmed the freestyle with the mirror
I shot it to make it look like you know, I'm looking into the mirror
I can't give away my secrets but I could tell you the events that took place
leading up to it that was spontaneous I just thought of that when we went up to
that room and I'm just like not Dex
look at these mirrors I want the- I want to want the crack
when I look into it
imma just start rapping excuse me record me, he's like I bet we gotta flicker the lights
all this other shit that was a party going on; a real like, live party
it was crazy, so many people there and we was just busy being creative
Brian Tran damn I'm literally about the gold cop of tab and rewatch this shit
and of course listen to his new album drop
that's dope
That's dope
Please help me find molly
I need help
Who the fuck wrote that??
I don't fucking do molly
I don't have molly
I don't take molly
and they do need help
Zat... o... chizor
this video teaches us young black men all over the world
to find a fine as asian or white girl and cherish them life will be trippy
like we're on LSD all the time
A$AP for life
I wouldn't just say Asian or white bro like what's wrong with you
y'know what about the sisters
y'know what I mean y'know what about the uh... Latinas
In and of itself
American and the Brazilians and what about the Spaniards like what was the problem?
you know? Well... I mean I guess they would be considered white because they are European but
You don't you don't discriminate against beautiful women
but thanks for the props though bro
and definitely use the Jimmy wrap it up have sex responsibly and don't do LSD
but definitely go get the girls and have a good time with that
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A$AP Rocky Talks Seeing Colors, Not Doing Molly, & the Color of the Dress

656 Folder Collection
tom0615jay published on May 9, 2017
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