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  • - Oh, man, bro. I'm like totally high, dude - Yeah, homie

  • I'm (sweezedy?) wasted like an atom bomb - Hell what?

  • - I have no idea - Can't believe "Furious Fancy Pants 9" is out already - Hell (Swag?) bruh

  • - What are we, like an hour early? - Uh...

  • - Oh shit, it starts in four minutes. You better...

  • *Together* Hit the nos, baby! Whoooo!

  • *The car crashes*

  • *A woman screams*

  • - Another tragedy caused by marijuana. Idiots smoke marijuana. It's a fact


  • But did you know that other kinds of people also use marijuana?

  • Take Bill Gates, for example

  • - Hi, there. - Bill here is what you might call a genius. He co-founded the largest computer company in the world

  • and he's worth over eighty billion dollars.

  • - You smoke weed, don't you Bill? - Well... Th... Back in college I... guess...

  • - Occasionally I... - See? He totally does. Idiots smoke marijuana

  • It's a fact, but so did geniuses like Bill Gates.

  • Geniuses smoke marijuana.

  • It's either that or Bill Gates is an idiot?

  • Are you prepared to say that? To say "Bill Gates is an idiot"? Once more, Bill Gates is an idiot - Uh...

  • - Are you gonna look Bill Gates right in the eye and say "Hey, idiot. Yeah, Bill, you.

  • - Idiot. You moron". -Hey

  • - Wearing those stupid glasses - Ehm...

  • - I (owe?) to punch them right off your stupid, idiot, moron face. - Hey now. Just a darn second!

  • - Personally I wouldn't dare say such a thing -Oh

  • - I'm scared of Bill Gates - Oh

  • - He'd have no trouble tracking down any one of us through, say, a Youtube comment

  • -I'll bet he has more information stored on you than you know about yourself. -Oh

  • We don't do anything like that. - He's bluffing. He has your location. Hell, with all that computer money Bill could easily hire

  • Ninjas to slit your throat while you sleep and pay your parents to pin it on your little sister

  • Are you prepared to take that chance? Not me, man. Not fucking me

  • Bill Gates. You, Sir, are a weed genius

  • - Now hang on, guys. This isn't what we talked about...

  • - See, Ryan? now everyone will think we're the smart kind of weed smokers. - Damn, Chase. That's genius!


- Oh, man, bro. I'm like totally high, dude - Yeah, homie

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