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Welcome to the FT Market Minute, here's what we're watching in London on Friday morning.
Well it's not often that US jobs data were pushed into the shadows,
but at the moment it's the oil market that's capturing everyone's attention.
Brent Crude at one point in Asian trade had get loss to the week for nearly 10%,
technique price had fall to a 5-month low, below 47 dollars a barrel in the process.
Prices are paded chunk of the day's losses, but the latest slide in the energy prices
which comes a bit worries about still ample supply are reverberating across asset classes.
Obviously, shares in energy companies are struggling which is where on benchmarking in this season.
Commodity currencies are been under the cosh, too.
That means weakness for the Norwegian Krone and Aussie dollar for example.
Still, Wall Street energy futures are well off session lows,
as investors remember what's been a genuinely well-received earning season, and it looked ahead to the jobs data.
Economies expect a 185,000 jobs created in April, and that really forged expectations that the Fed (Federal Reserve Board of Governors) will hike rate again next month.
The dollar is steady and the Euro is, too, end of this weekend's French election.
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Oil slide rattles markets | Market Minute

56 Folder Collection
Mii Wei published on May 8, 2017    Mii Wei translated    Hsin reviewed
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